Monday, April 25, 2005

From Imperial Purple to The Light of the Sun.....

The Way of Sanity, when Red becomes Toxic.

Amusing, don't you think, that the Republicans have been labeled Red and Democrats, Blue. Maps, shown shortly after the election showed more purple and lavender than red, and blue was very blue, on the Coasts.

Red, associated with anger, aggression, fire and fear, has become toxic. Instead of truth and the fire that purifies, those carrying the banner, Red, bring deception and the fire that destroys.

Be wary of a soul-saver in a suit. This man is likely to sell his soul. Can you honestly expect him to have any care for yours?

The Christ said, "You cannot serve both God and the things of man (mammon)"; you know, like money, which always equals power, which leads to corruption, in mechanically, ego-controlled mankind.

We are all one step away from the tyranny of the superego, the id or the ego. Somebody-training really works very well, you know.

Practice, Practice, Practice....
Bible Study?
If it bears good fruit,
go for it, Friend.

Zen, Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi?
If they bear good fruit,
go for it friend?

Somewhere, we all made a wrong turn, or we would not be here, wherever "here" is.

It doesn't matter, because being here, right now, is the only way to get to there, wherever "there" is.

We are on a journey; all of us.
Jesus wandered as an adult and maybe even as a child. He was not all that easy to keep up with, as his parents found out when they lost him in Jerusalem.

(Now Parents lose children there every week, but to the grave, not the Temple, Church or Mosque.)

Mohammed, when he was very young, only a very small boy, was given to a Bedouin woman by his own mother, so that he could wander as he grew.

There is a certain potential for Wisdom that comes from wandering, if the wandering is conscious and chosen, the mind and heart open to all they encounter.

Moses left the palace of the pharaoh, to wander in the wilderness with the Jews he liberated from Egyptian power.

A world not safe for wandering, is a world that's getting dumber by the minute.


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