Monday, April 25, 2005

News and the New Pope

Read the news today.....

Frist; stirring disgust, as well as hate.

Delay just keeps on going like the Energizer Bunny;
now, he is dragging much of the Far- right with Hell.

After much speculation and revelation,
none to pleasant,
the new Pope,
Benedict XVI,
broke Church tradition,
gave a very conciliatory homily.
God, Bless him if he means it,
God, bless him, if he doesn't.

We pray and hope that he will not take his flock backwards,
but we think our hope is hollow;
our prayers will be answered in the negative.

Holy Father, "Thou shalt not" is valuable for children,
for adults, not so much.

Many of your flock need to hear a few "Thou Shalts,"

Since we come from just about every tradition
(there is nothing new under the sun)
We must lend support to Vatican II Roman Catholics;
They are our kind of people,
in many respects, the most important;
matters of the Compassionate Heart
and the still, Knowing mind.

Issues of social justice still bind us to them,
as in the 60's,
when Vatican II brought the guitar into Sanctuaries
all over the land;
the Berrigan Brothers joined us,
Nuns went to prison,
Good Friday went on a Trip

Let us not forget them or forsake them;
their time may well be at hand,
just as ours is.

Brightly attired Flower Children,
of yesteryear,
and those who wore black,
have more in common than we remember,
in these times of darkness.

The Lights,
who brought us all together,
are with us,
even now.

As the guru said,
while in his dying process,
"where would I go from you?"

Bobby, Martin and John.......
(Lennon and Kennedy)
Gandhi, and yes, Leary and Ram Dass.

Mother Theresa,
who could spout Church Doctrine with the best,
We loved as one of our own.

Because she was and is.....
in all of the ways that really matter.
Faith unlived is like a life unexamined.

What is the point, Dude?

War, UH! good god, y'all,
what is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!

Say it again, ya'll!!!!



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