Tuesday, April 26, 2005

An Open Letter to Terrorists

To all Terrorist, big and small, Imams, preachers, rabbis, presidents and prime ministers;
if the shoe fits, we will not acquit.
A terrorist is someone who purposefully causes great states of fear and horror in other human beings, as a tactic to serve his or her purposes, whatever those might be, and no matter how noble the reasons might sound to the fearful, turned angry, turned patriotic, turned nationalistic, infected ears, or to the outraged, indignant and self-righteous ones. A terrorist is also the one who conspires with and supports the actual perpetrators of the act, whatever that might; knocking down huge buildings in which people are working, guilty of nothing but being employed, or using Napalm in a theatre of war, because the sight of melting flesh has the "wonderful" side-effect of scaring hell out of the locals. (Damn! Don't you think that Daisy Cutters, Cruise Missilles, and 2,000 pound bombs, that cause small but hideous mushroom clouds, are scary enough?)
So, Listen up, all of you!
Stop it, NOW!
What freakin' Century is this? What is the matter with you people? Have you not evolved at all in the last 1500... 2000 years or so?
How old are you?
Don't you know, that when you do things that instill severe states of fear, over and over, or dramatically and in a way that sears horrible sights, sounds, smells into the brains of other human beings, you have assured yourself, you are about to see the very worst beast residing within them.
Not only have you assured yourselves and your friends and your people a rough row to hoe, but you have committed an un-holy crime against another human being that is so base and senseless and, I might add, unenlightened.
Mankind seems to be wired for faith, of some variety or the other; for living as spiritual beings. Yet, when you intentionally cause others to be terrified, they will more than likely be ripped from their center , their faith, their peace. Most will find their way back. Some may not.  Your sin remains. The sin of fear-mongering; a cardinal sin. Doubt is not the opposite of faith. Fear is its opposite and the very foundation of ego-personality in mankind.
When will they ever learn.......
In every religion, great  or small, somewhere, in their sacred scripture, it is written, some form of the Golden Rule:
"Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you."
(I am not familiar with any other such "rule" that is so universal; certainly I have not seen, "Do unto others before they can do unto you" widely taught, outside extremists indoctrination camps, be they in Afghanistan or Montana or Iraq or Texas)
But now we know, with great certainty, that you cannot do unto others without doing unto yourself, and if you are too brave or foolish to care about yourself, you are also doing unto your family and friends, those "others" you love more than life itself.
Because as trite as it has become to say it, in this New Age, we all really are One and there is nothing new about that concept, but it is far more than a concept; it is experienced truth. 
So cut it out.
All of you.... just stop it.
You put fear in the hearts of God' children, waving those silly flags and yelling, setting off bombs, be-heading people, gunning civilians down in the street, blowing little children away,, threatening people with mushroom clouds, irradiating other people's homelands, sending around threatening videos like teenagers in a gang might do, and intentionally deceiving people just to ratchet up their fear another notch.
Adrenalin is, as a dear friend of mine once said, "stupid juice."


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