Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Original Purpose; and then some...

Glad we all agreed on this.

We began with the idea to tell the history, myths, etc, of an era; more the beginning of an Age.

Even in the midst of the current upheaval
(or maybe because of it)
it is time that the stories are told.
...and, yes, there are more than just one.

There are more than just two;
Right and Left,
wrong and right or black and white.

...... and so we shall tell them all; all our stories, one by one,
in as many ways as there are of us,
every one.

Take what you need and leave the some of us learned... later in life.

So, too, will we share the wisdom,
born of joy
that has arisen,
in our later years.

The humor, the laughter, the sanctity and the bliss;
the sorrow,
the sadness,
the horror,
the abyss.

What really happened,
all those years ago?

What have we wrought?
What have we claimed?

What have we bought,
that keeps us,
in chains?

A Long Time Ago.......


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