Monday, May 09, 2005

Are the Bushites the most evil people on Earth, or what?

October Surprise mystery

Did Republicans strike a secret deal with Iran in 1980 to sabotage Jimmy Carter and win the White House for Ronald Reagan? – has similarities to the storyline of the action movie “National Treasure,” only in reverse.

Disney’s “National Treasure” is the imaginative tale of a search for a treasure hidden by America’s Founding Fathers to keep it away from the British monarchy. To find the treasure more than two centuries later, the hero – played by Nicolas Cage – travels from city to city in pursuit of complicated clues, including some concealed in invisible ink on the back of the Declaration of Independence.

The search for the truth behind the October Surprise mystery has seemed almost as unlikely at times, except the narrative is nearly the opposite: today’s American rulers destroy clues that otherwise might lead to knowing whether the democratic process – arguably the greatest national treasure – was stolen in plain sight

At the center of this October Surprise “treasure hunt in reverse” has been the creation of bogus or dubious alibis for key participants in alleged meetings between Republicans and Iranians in 1980 when Iran’s Islamic fundamentalist government was holding 52 American hostages and President Carter was desperately seeking their release.

Outraged Republicans:

Aat the suggestion that Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush may have secretly collaborated with the Iranians drew angry denials from Republicans. Even centrist Democrats and the mainstream news media were eager to bury the ugly suspicions once and for all.

So, when the October Surprise mystery belatedly came under investigation in the early 1990s, there was an eagerness to accept whatever alibis were offered for key Republicans even if the facts pointed in the opposite direction

Some of the most extraordinary alibis were devised to “disprove” the participation of the late William J. Casey, who ran Ronald Reagan’s campaign in 1980 and then became Reagan’s first CIA director. (Casey died in 1987 as the Iran-Contra Affair – another arms-for-hostage scandal – was engulfing the Reagan-Bush administration.)

Casey's whereabouts on the last weekend of July 1980 was particularly important to the October Surprise mystery because one witness, Iranian businessman Jamshid Hashemi, placed Casey in Madrid at a secret meeting with senior Iranian cleric Mehdi Karrubi. If Casey could be shown to have been elsewhere, Hashemi could be dismissed as a liarIn the early 1990s, Republicans and some media allies sought to disprove this allegation by citing an alibi that placed Casey at a historical conference in London at times that would have precluded his presence in Madrid. When first published in The New Republic in 1991, this so-called London alibi seemed to debunk the October Surprise case and fueled public ridicule of the allegations as a sham conspiracy theory

But the London alibi turned out to be wrong. It collapsed when credible witnesses, including historian Robert Dallek, came forward to say that Casey missed the morning session of the conference, arriving late in the afternoon and thus leaving him time for a side trip to Madrid.

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