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The Crusaders; TREASON

Unrestricted Warfare: 9/11 Treason

By John Caylor
February 6, 2005

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

In May 2001, the FBI secretly reopened the long forbidden "Cointelpro", counter-intelligence-program that spies on American citizens. As a former "independently active criminal intelligence analyst" for the Bureau in the late 80's until the mid 90's. I was directly involved in the investigation of the 1989-90 domestic mail bomb attacks against the federal judiciary (VANPAC) and Oklahoma City bombing.

During the early June 2001 time frame, I was re-contacted by email and asked for any relevant information and knowledge of Chinese Army operatives activity in the United States. Later, I learned that the FBI had been actively searching for "suitcase neutron bombs" in Miami and other United States cities.

The dreaded neutron bomb is a high yield radiation weapon which I have had personal experience working on as a former civilian employee in R&D for the Department of Defense at Fort Rucker, Alabama. Directly involved in the testing of functional components at Abredeen Proving Grounds, I was injured and lost 80 percent of my hearing, requiring surgery and revoking my medical status to fly in military aircraft. The bomb was so horrific Europeans forced then President Jimmy Carter "to not deploy the weapon" on European soil as the neutron bomb is Pandora's worst nightmare and there is no defense against it!

Since the late 70's China and Pakistan have miniaturized the weapon making it higher yield and packaging it in a suitcase for remote detonation by space satellites. Once the weapon is hidden in place it can be used as a blackmail device to surgically kill hundreds of thousands without harming valuable real estate and precious national resources.

It could be China and Saudi Arabia's muddled weapon of choice having diffused links to Islamic AL-Qaeda terrorists while shifting attack responsibility to Pakistan. Based upon intelligence sources I have come to the conclusion that a device may be detonated in the Unites States, it may be only a matter of when?"

In pursuit of the truth regarding this matter of grave concern, has relentlessly pursued the death investigation of Investigator Raymond Lemme. Mr. Lemme was an investigator with the Florida Department of Transportation who resided in Tallahassee, Florida. Mr. Lemme honorably served our country in Vietnam and was an active U.S. Air Force reservist at the time his of death. He was investigating serious allegations made against a Chinese software firm that had U.S. government contracts.

The allegations were made by Florida Department of Transportation supervisor Mavis Georgalis and programmer Clint Curtis a former Yang employee. They inferred that Yang Enterprises, whose lobbyist is United States Congressman Tom Feeney helped secure contracts for a firm not eligible to receive contracts due to the fact that an illegal alien and spy was working for them.

These and the other allegations against Yang and Feeney that have recently come to light threaten the security of the United States.

Those involved in the apparent plot have gone to extreme measures using murder, malicious prosecution of whistleblowers, manufacturing several different police reports and official investigative documents to hide facts that high level treason continues to be committed against our citizens.


IGS Staff

Raymond Lemme, top right active U.S. Air Force Reservist and Florida Department of Transportation OSI Investigator was murdered investigating Chinese - NASA, DOT whistleblower complaint.

Suicide Turns Murder In Treason Case Involving Chinese

Software Company With Nasa And Government Contracts!

No autopsy and quick cremation, eliminating evidence!

Warning: the following page contains graphic photographs that may be offensive to some viewers. Insider magazine was forced to use the crimes scene photos because police have covered up the death investigation and have consistently maintained that no such crime scene photos existed. After viewing the photos they were forced to surrender, it is apparent that he was beaten, tortured and killed.

Photos stated officially in Police Reports "not to exist" indicate Investigator was tortured, choked and murdered in Valdosta, GA. motel room. Base upon existing evidence we believe he uncovered a spy plot against United States. Police reports say he committed suicide. There's blood in all the wrong places... and screwed up police reports.

Click here for larger image


Bottom photos show the motel room Valdosta police say that he killed himself in. Insider interviewed Lemme's brother and he doesn't believe Ray killed himself. He stated that Ray would never sell out his principles or his country. The portrait we have after interviewing his co-workers is that Ray was at the height of his career, enjoyed his work and would never disgrace his family or the high standards he set for himself.

The office receptionist who worked with Ray Lemme was shocked to learn from us that police and his boss Robert Clift say he committed suicide! Clift is adamant that Lemme committed suicide and suffered from deep depression, although a list of the medicines placed neatly out on the bathroom vanity does not include any depression medicine. Looking at the photos we believe it's all too neat and diabolical.

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across the ongoing spy operation.



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