Monday, May 23, 2005

Dr. Frist is a loser..... Big Time... Hallelulja...!

Nuclear Shutdown Averted: FRIST LOSES BIGTIME

When the dust from all the spin over the Nuclear Option deal clears, Bill Frist will be standing alone as the big loser. With a ten seat majority and 2008 ambitions, Frist had a ton riding on his ability to stomp over the Senate Democrats and end their filibusters Bush's nutso judges. The fact that a deal has been reached which allows Democrats to continue to filibuster the most egregious of the Bush nominees but takes the GOP nuclear option off the table is a major defeat for Frist.

If Frist felt good about this deal, he'd be in front of reporters right now instead of reacting to the deal on the Senate floor. He is clearly afraid of being forced to explain his failure to win GOP support.

Look for this issue to pop up big time in the 2008 primaries. Rush, the American COnservative Union and so many right wing groups were overt in stating that Frist's hopes in 2008 relied on his ability to end Democratic filibusters. First, Jeb Bush pissed off the right-wing with his failure to act on behalf of Terry Schiavo. Now Bill Frist is alienating his right-wing wackos with his failure to get Bush's judges through the confirmation process.


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