Sunday, May 01, 2005

From Anterro Alli

From Angel Tech by Antero Alli
Level of Intelligence Absorbing Organizing Communicating
Spiritual Paradox Dreaming Factor X
Mythic Synchronicity Alchemy Astrology
Psychic Clairvoyance Reality Selection Designing a Tarot
Sensory Rature Ritual Charisma
Social Adolescence Adulthood Collectivization
Conceptual Paying Attention Map-making & Naming Articulation
Emotional Self-expression Status Personal Power
Physical Passivity Safety Nourishment

From Angel Tech by Antero Alli
External Internal
Physical Intelligence Dependence Sensory Intelligence
Passivity supports Rapture
Safety supports Ritual
Nourishment supports Charisma
Emotional Intelligence Freedom Psychic Intelligence
Self-Expression supports Clairvoyance
Status supports Reality Selection
Personal Power supports Designing a Tarot
Conceptual Intelligence Networking Mythic Intelligence
Paying Attention supports Synchronicity
Map Making and Naming supports Alchemy
Articulation supports Astrology
Social Intelligence Projection Spiritual Intelligence
Adolescence supports Paradox
Adulthood supports Dreaming
Collectivization supports Factor X


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