Sunday, May 01, 2005

Fw: Vintage Chaos


"A chao (pronounced "cow") is a single unit of chaos...therefore, chaoboys and chaogirls wear designer genes of future myths..." excerpted from THE 23 ERISIAN MYSTERIES

Place: A record skips inside the AKASHIC RECORD PLAYER
Time: The Great Collapse (approx. 1987-92)

      Thank you. Good information's expensive.. in fact, it's pure hydrogen, burns like hell, illuminates heaven and consumes the best of minds and, by the way.. we open no-mind before its time. Siriusly though, it's only natural that your Brilliant Ones sought cool, dark places for refuge.. where they de-crystalized while learning the Hedonic Arts of Falling Apart. No entity at this time could've predicted the devastating side-effects of that much extended trancework, not even Seth. See Jane. See Jane run...see Jane run too much energy. She could have neutralized the psycho-active states of her chosen profession instread of short-circuiting periodic rapture and profound bliss are still used as trance-dispersion devices in fourth-dimensional Atlantis. Unfortunately, most of your early Psychoids were primitivists..natural talents..and thus, somatic idiots incapable of turning themselves on if they were left alone inside a magnetically-charged, Dakini Ecstacy Chamber with a fully-accredited Tantric Zen Mistress.

      Listen...entity to entity..who am we? In Lake'ch...I am another yourself except...I am multi-vocal...I speak in many tongues, languages and frequencies. Yet, I am still an entity like yourself, only larger. I have incarnated as this planet. I am now the Earth. I am also pregnant. I'm recovering from a rather torrid romance with the interstellar father of my unborn children, who has left me to give birth alone. There are baby gods incubating in the womb of my omni-directional consciousness. They are seeking out human coccoons to birth through.

      I am arranging for the midwives to meet and perform the necessary ceremony to save my children from the hungry aliens. If you don't believe me, you can always change the matter where you go, here I am.

Place: The MYTHIC ARCHIVES, Planetary Psi-Matrix Memory Net
Time: The Great Collapse

Here's an Indian Bedtime Story. The current Hell Cycles began when the White Minds crossed the Great Waters and anchored on the Land of the Red-Hearted Ones. There they met, broke and defeated the Red Hearts. Blood was spilled and heads, they rolled. Thirteen hundred moons later, the Souls of the dead Red Hearted warriors reincarnated as the newborn of the White Minds. These new Red-Hearted Souls were recognized by the Red-Hearted Ones of that time by the way they dressed and wore their hair to look like the Red-Hearted. The first wave brought the "hippies" who marked the beginning of the end for the White Minded. One-hundred and thirty moons later, the "mohawk punk fashions" signalled a new wave of Red warriors and two-hundred and sixty moons afterwards...crystal channeling, pop shamanism and Mayan nostalgia. This is how the Red Hearts initiated the Great Collapse and finally defeated the White Minds. The Reds were defeated because of their weak hearts and the Whites, their weak minds. For now we know what happens when a people's strength grows too strong...yang turns to yin, hurly burly hits broadway and everybody is hereafter proclaimed a Pope. Is Nothing Really Sacred? Of course it is, my cherry blossom...of course, it was...

Place: DREAMTIME SWITCHBOARD, Planetary Crystal Gridwork
Time: The Great Collapse

We are now being dreamed by those human forms who are feeding the Dreamtime with their sleep. Humans can experience two major dream paths in their nightmares and revelations. Nightmares feed the spirit world by the fear they instill, vacating the human form and inviting various disembodied spirits to eat the mind. Fear is ghostfood and death to the mind. No daring is fatal and waking up is an act of unnatural courage. Children have nightmares in order to wake up. By waking up inside their dreams, humans inspire revelation and inform the dreambody of its true intention. The dreambody can then awaken to itself by ... intentional spin.

      The dreambody is your totality as human entities and every whole, no matter how small or large, spins and generates its own measure of density or, gravity. The hearts of all heavenly bodies are created from an ultra-gravitational force called Love. Your willingness to surrender to its influence ushers you through nightmare and into revelation. An unswerving self-commitment is paramount to this initiation which intersect the dreambody and the earthbody. As the dreambody, you can choose to be born inside your human forms as they sleep. This way, you will not be recognized too soon and can permeate the biological machine from within without alerting its primitive mind to the miracle of your presence. Remember, in the blessed realm of manifestation, gravity is not another good idea, it's the law.

Place: Planetary Optic Nerve Center, PARADISE CENTRAL
Time: The Great Collapse

For those of you viewing EARTHWATCH on your new, revised Select-A-Visions, soon you will recognize that familiar face as your own. Throughout the duration of their Great Collapse, it has been designated mandatory procedure for all human visionaries to be seen as often as they see. We, at PARADISE CENTRAL, encourage all psychics to detect and integrate local community status priorities for securing the necessary recognition for re-charging your central neural systems. These emotional coordinates eventually fulfill the interdependence of spiritual and material wealth...requiring of your human life, a greater degree of being rich and happy. As you burn into your human forms, their matter converts into your energy as mega-photons of impersonal charisma release into your immediate social vicinity. You are stars in formation. This stellar information has been brought to you direct from your non-local Select-A-Vision sponsors at PARADISE CENTRAL. Your local program may now resume.


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