Sunday, May 01, 2005

Leary's 8 Circuits

From The Game of Life by Dr. Timothy Leary
Additional Labels for the functions:
Level of Intelligence Childhood Self-Actualization Migration to new hive
Mythic Insect Awareness The DNA Mind Conscious Symbiosis
Psychic Electronic Consumer Reality Fabrication Brain Fusing
Sensory Self-Indulgence Body Control Tantric Linkage
Social Impersonation Domestication Egalitatrian
Conceptual Paleolithic Neolithic Tribal
Emotional Small animal Large Animal Monkey-Gestural
Physical Amoeboid Fish Amphibian

Leary 8 circuits were forerunners to the spaces of consciousness most recognized today by students of  human consciousness. There are also ties with other schools of thought in the field of human spiritual development and liberation.

More later on this subject


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