Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Let the Word Go Forth... From this place

and this time.

The Great Unraveling that began with Abu Ghraib is about to come full circle, as the scales drop from weary eyes and 9/11, an act more terrifying than any of us thought at the time, is being revealed for what it was, an attack on Americans by a cabal of corporate, ideological, religio-fascist, dogmatic thugs, most of whom are some how connected to fossil fuel peddling or, in the alternative; Nuclear energy.

........ In the last few days, the Conspirators have seen several indicators come together, in such as way and with such timing it indicates to us that there is now no doubt of what we have suspected for a month. Either our greatest hope or our worst nightmare is soon to be upon us, and probably some of each.

We have believed, for years now, that this entire Fascist Farce we are living must be allowed to come full circle. It must end where it began: Ground Zero.

(Some say that that beginning was the stolen election of 2000)

We disagree.

Stealing elections should carry a very heavy penalty in any Democracy. But a great Democracy can withstand the theft of one election, because the people have the where-with-all to fix the problem without a bloody revolution or the Constitution being threatened or harmed irreparably. The American system revolves around the fact that we view ourselves as imperfect and, therefore, in need of institutional checks and balances; fail-safes, if you like. The people in a real representative Democracy have those tools.

But, Do We?

We shall see, shortly, who we are...or at least what we are.

What blew like Mt. St. Helens, just about a year ago, when the photographs of prisoners being mistreated, tortured, humiliated and abused hit the American airwaves, against all odds, is about to come full circle. It will all wind up right where it began; on top of a pile of smoldering rubble, with a cheerleader holding a megaphone. Few knew then, what most suspect now.

It was the beginning of the greatest deception of a people since the last time a sociopathic, deeply psychotic leadership decided to take over a sovereign nation, from within and with (uninformed) permission, and use it's people's blood and treasure for its own greed or self-glorification or for whatever, sick ego-need.

Born in the fading fire of WWII, most of us never lost touch with the admonition that we must never allow ourselves to believe that "it" cannot happen here. The "it" was the evil of Hitler.

There has been a shift, in the last few weeks; a very deep shift.

The people are hearing a new Revelation, about the events of 9/11, which formed the pretense for every nightmare we have been through ever since.

Full circle, full circle, full circle...
Sweet words to the ears of all who love Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all...

.....and the truth shall set us free.


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