Friday, May 27, 2005

A Must See Site; Our War Criminals....

Is the U. S. guilty of Crimes against Peace?
    To many Americans, the idea that U. S. leaders could be prosecuted for war crimes comes right out of left field.
    "What do you mean war crimes? Our leaders are only protecting our nation! No foreign court should be allowed to bring politically motivated charges against our leaders! It's a new world order! In the age of terrorism the old rules of war no longer apply!"

    When you see a peace protestor shouting that Bush is a war criminal, you're hearing more than partisan hyperbole. When you hear someone refer to the war in Iraq as an illegal war, such an accusation is not made lightly. As Americans we are all party to having allowed this war to take place.
    In the following articles we will look at American objections to being held accountable to the rest of the world. We'll look at the issues of World Court jurisdiction and International Law,the so-called Pre-emptive Doctrine, the so-called "Enemy Combatant" exemption, and the U. S. attempt to redefine "torture."
Americans, please get with it...there are criminals in our government, the likes of which have never been seen in our history.
Are we self-governing or not?
Do we deserve to be free or not?
Do we have a clue what our government is doing, in our name, or not?
Do we care, or not?
Do we have a soul, or not?


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