Friday, May 27, 2005

Sanity...Can we handle the Truth?

ABOLISH NUCLEAR WEAPONS: May 1, 2005 Central Park, NYC  Thousands from across the world rally in to expose nuclear weapons, past and present. Among the speakers and artists are: David Rovics who sings 'Nagasaki' as the camera pans the faces of people who live with memories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Representatives of Mayors for Peace, Jennifer Hosterman of Pleasanton, California and Tadadoshi Akida, mayor of Hiroshima call for a world that works for everybody. “Unfortunately,” Mayor Akida observes, “we still live in world still dominated by a handful of barbarians who believe they can make the world better by killing someone.” Soldier/translator Anita Cole describes the dehumanizing process the barbarian’s army took her through in basic training. Bruce Gagnon calls attention to the Prometheus Project, a NASA/DoE/Pentagon project to develop and deploy a nuclear propulsion rocket, and efforts by Rep. Cynthia McKinney et al. to stop it Ex CIA analyst Ray McGovern, noting that the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal called a war of aggression the supreme war crime (committed twice now by the Bush administration), says that the UN remains the most important institution standing up to the neo-con determination to do away with international law. Daniel Ellsberg offers a timely update of the heroic opposition to Israel nuclear arms by Mordecai Vanunu. And Helen Caldicott reminds us: “There is a nuclear war going on right now where they’re using depleted uranium weapons. The incidents of childhood cancers in those areas have gone up 7 times. The half-life or uranium 238 is 4.5 billion years. So America has conducted a nuclear war in the Cradle of Civilization and those people will never recover and are condemned to congenital abnormalities and cancer for the rest of time. Please, American people, rise up.”  29 min. 8.6 meg 56k winmedia file - thanks to NYCIMC


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