Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Sirota is the new official Blogger at Working for Change.

Congratulations Dave!

Check out the New Blog

Today, I became the official blogger of Working Assets, the advocacy organization/phone company that devotes millions of dollars to progressive causes. Check out the new site at:


You've probably been to their site - it gets hundreds of thousands of visits a month, and now Sirotablog will be featured on the front page.

I will still be posting to davidsirotacom, and most of the stuff I post at davidsirota.com will simply be syndicated to a larger audience at Working Assets. However, some of the personal political campaign-related material I post will just be at davidsirota.com, so keep an eye out for that.

Additionally, I will still be sending things out to my e-mail list (subscribership has skyrocketed - go sign up for free at davidsirota.com). But the Working Assets site is going to include some new features and interactivity, so check in over there from time to time as well. They also have a tremendous amount of great material throughout their site, so explore.

As always, if you have tips for things to post about, just email me at
david@davidsirota.com or sirota@workingassets.com. There is now a much bigger audience to get stuff out to!



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