Wednesday, May 04, 2005

SOC for old times sake

As most know by now, Most of our opinions and speculations will mostly be posted to Aquarian Sprirt from now on, but an occasional SOC here can't hurt anything, right? Well, OK, maybe our lives and livelihood, but what the, Hey? Compared to what we are losing as a result of the Bush administration, what is Clothing, shelter and food, not to mention transportation, healthcare, education. Not only are these priorities biting the dust, but so is American integrity, credibility and moral standing in the world.

The people who caused this are traitors...there is just no other word for it.

It does not get much worse than this.


As we have said, the worm is turning for sure... it is time to make a stand.

The Aquarians Have Seen A Great Light!

Action Considerations: On two main fronts: (Here we go)

1) 9/11 : The Second Wave of 9/11 awakening is beginning to crest. With the televising, on C-Span, of David Ray Griffin, renowned Theologian, out-right accusing the Bushites of Complicity in 9/11, the great revelation has taken a giant leap forward. It is up to us to see that it does not go un-noticed by the MSM or Congress, or by Super Prosecutor in NY. The nightmare we have all lived in for the past 5 years began at ground zero. So, shall it end there. We must come full circle. If we do not, we leave the future to endless repetition of the same insane mistakes.. A Day of Reckoning is Upon Us...the spiritually mature, will take up their tasks, with humility and compassion and with Love.

C-span plans to air the segment again!! Next Saturday. Check for listing.

We suggest watching with invited friends. Tape it. Show it to everyone you can think of.

9/11 is the key to the Great Nightmare of death and destruction.

Just Do It!

The Second front is the Smoking-gun Memo.

Get on the phone, computer; get out the carrier pigeons and start the smoke signals...

It is time to rumble!


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