Sunday, May 15, 2005

Transformation & Transubstantiation and the Enneagram

Three Dimensions of the Enneagram

The Enneagram depicts a complete, self-renewing process in three dimensions.

The outer circle shows the functional movement through time from point 1 (the initial state) to point 8 (completion) and point 9 (a new beginning).
The Shocks at points 3 and 6 are the gaps in the process, the places where it is connected to the world. In order to complete and renew itself, the process must receive from the world at point 3 and contribute to the world at point 6.
The asymmetrical hexagon shows the being and awareness of the director or experiencer of the process as it unfolds in eternity. At three points in the process the attention/intention is turned toward the external. At each of the other six points the opportunity exists to connect not only with what is happening in time but with what can happen in the future (1, 2, 5) or what has happened in the past (4, 7, 8). The strength of the attention and the quality of intention or meaning that are brought to bear at these points have a powerful influence on the course of the process as it manifests in time.
The inner triangle shows the operation of Will in the dimension Bennett called hyparxis. These are the points


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