Monday, June 06, 2005

Bolton Blowback, possible

As the Bolton nomination vote approaches, in the Senate, the atmosphere in the country is qualitatively different than it was a month ago.
The environment has changed, in a barely perceivable way.
Something has shifted...can you feel it?
We have reached a tipping point. Why the hell has it taken so long? Quite a few reasons I suspect, but the biggest reason, right now, is the enormity of what it will mean when we start to tip, this time.
Several planetary issues are coming into alignment, like an of alignment of planetary bodies. These issues, like those planetary bodies not only have varying degrees of gravitational pull on each other but more importantly, on the attention of we, the people.
1) We are now living in an era that we call, ADSM, or After Downing Street Memo. There is now hard copy evidence of high crimes by the Bush administration. The "I" word has now been uttered not only in a national newspaper, but on C-Span.
2) We are also living in an era in which a theologian, scholar and professor at a California seminary has published a book, stating, in no uncertain terms, that members of our own government were, at least, complicit in 9/11. David Ray Griffin is anything but a wild-eyed liberal.
3) Prominent supporters of Bush's war in Iraq are now coming forward to say it was a mistake, or worse
4) Independents and moderates across the country are beginning to think a number of un-thinkables.
5) The issue that really started the great unraveling, the horrors of Abu Ghraib, refuse to go away, no matter how many times the Bushites try to change the subject. Instead of dying out, the issue just mutates to the horrors in Afghanistan, at Gitmo  and in countries Bush considers his allies.
Even the 9/11 Whitewash Commission is back, saying they want to see what the Bushites have been doing to "protect us from terrorist attacks."
Well, not too damned much, I would say. The main things they are doing, it seems, is coming up with new and better ways of hassling the flying public, seeking more and more power with which to spy on American citizens, wasting billions of tax-payer dollars in so many ways, I have lost count, but the one that really ticks me off, is the portable-police state which accompanies Bush wherever he goes.
And Cheney too for that matter, when he ventures out of his hidey-hole long enough to sneer at some room-full of carefully screened Wing-nutters, that Saddam really was responsible for 9/11 and was 5 minutes away from nuking Boston, or whatever laughable yarns he is spinning this week.
Side Bar: (It costs 37,000 bucks an hour to fly around in Air Farce (not misspelled) One. I have been a witness to the portable police state, on a number of occasions, and I would hate to even hazard a guess as to how much that is costing. We pay for this, not just so Junior can go on special business as the president, but because he wants to fly about, constantly campaigning for one pet project or another, to make the hyper-wealthy even more wealthy. But should we have to pay for Social Security Campaigns around the country? Should we have to pay, so that we can be sold a bill of goods? I think that if he is that much of a bunny-pants, he ought to stay the hell home. Actually, it might even be better for national security if we limited his overseas travel as well)
Bolton is up to his eyeballs in the plot to deceive America into war, at least.
Big Blowback possible....if not, probable.
Junior is just the type to win a battle, only to find he has lost the war.
For one who will not humble himself, humiliation awaits. In Junior's case, there will be humiliation, and then some!


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