Sunday, June 12, 2005

Childhood Memories...they bring diamonds and rust.

Some of my favorite memories of childhood are of Washington, D.C.. My mother wanted me to see the nation's capital; it's monuments to the founders, the Constitution, in it's protective glass case, the Supreme Court Building and, of course, the Capital Building. So we made a week-long trip over spring break, in 1961, to the capital; just me and Mother. That trip is still one of my very favorites memories of Mother, dead over 20 years now.
Back in those days, it was easy to move around the capital and see the sights. With the single exception of those annoying one-way streets, we never had a problem. It was the People's City. It belonged to the American people, bought and paid for.
We saw the library of Congress and spent a couple of days exploring the Smithsonian (it would take months to really see everything, but who has that kind of time?). We sat in the galleries of the House and the Senate and watched our elected representatives at work. We even visited the office of ours, John Buchanan, of Alabama.
We toured the White House. Unfortunately, we were there before Jackie Kennedy had the time to gussy it up. Still, it was where the President lived. While everyone else on the tour was giving rapt attention to the tour guide, I was watching and hoping for President Kennedy to appear. Maybe I would get a glimpse of the man I thought was certainly handsome enough to be president. (No such luck, but I had the experience of walking around the White House, where he lived.) I was 12 years of age then, and even though "we liked Ike," I thought John Kennedy was to die for, as they say today.
The reason for this trip down memory lane, is that, yesterday, I began planning another trip to Washington, D.C., but this time there is no joyous anticipation. I won't be visiting any monuments, nor will I visit in the White House (not that I would want to.). I don't want to see the Constitution. I don't want to see it until it means something, again. I wouldn't walk across the street, just to see a "quaint" old piece of paper, the meaning of which has been being "disassembled" for years now.
No...there is no joy; only a knot of anxiety in the pit of my stomach, accompanied by waves of nausea and sadness...a most profound sadness; a few of symptoms that have become all too familiar these past few years. This is not a trip I want to make, but I will, because I must.
This Thursday, there will be Hearings in the House of Representatives. Of course, the Hearings will be held by the Democrats, alone, because the Republicans are refusing to do their job, of holding the Executive Branch accountable. Nevertheless, this is an important hearing. There is enough evidence, now in the public domain, to warrant a "Resolution of Inquiry," the first step to impeachment. The longest journey, begins with the first step, a wise man once said.
It has become apparent that elected Democratic officials cannot do what needs to be done alone. The Rethugs in Congress treat them like dog-doo on the bottom of their shoes and the corporate-media ignores them. It is up to the people now.
Congressman John Conyers has over a half million signatures on a letter he wants to deliver to the White House. I want to be with him, or at least nearby, giving him all the support I can.
The matter into which we are demanding an inquiry could not be anymore serious; because there is nothing more serious than a president and his administration taking this nation to war based on a pack of lies, unless it is complicity in the murder of  thousands of American citizens, but that is a subject for another day.
There can be no doubt, in any reasonable person's mind, after the revelations of the last month, that Bush, Cheney, and others are guilty of willfully and knowingly attempting* to deceive Congress, the American people and the rest of the world, in order to engage in an elective, a war of aggression (a crime against humanity), which they knew was illegal and were told by practically every religious leader on Earth, was unjust. Yes, Blair and his cohorts are just as guilty, but they aren't my problem.
It gets worse: Because of the lies they told, our young men and women in uniform invaded Iraq, an astounding number of them believing that Iraq had something to do with 9/11 and that they could be hit with biological, chemical or even nuclear weapons and that they were protecting their country; all of which was one huge lie. Those young men and women were betrayed in a way that no soldier should ever be betrayed by his or her government. Now thousands are dead or horribly maimed and thousands more will be psychologically scarred, if not disabled.
I have  often wondered, how much of the hideous torture, and murder in cold-blood, perpetrated on innocent Iraqis would have happened had our soldiers actually believed they were liberating innocent people, and not people who were, at least in part, responsible for the events of 9/11 and a terrible threat to the U.S.  
It gets even worse: Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed, maimed and seen their towns and cities turned to rubble. Some have been tortured, raped and humiliated. Their society has been torn apart. Generations of Iraqis will suffer from the effects of more depleted uranium in their soil.
And for what? Because George Bush wanted to invade Iraq and get rid of Saddam? Because of the NeoCons dreams of Pax America? Because they wanted to control the world's dwindling oil supply? Because George Bush has unresolved Oedipal issues? Because the Zionists (Christian and otherwise) want to protect Israel from bases in Iraq? Because war and its weapons make big bucks for the corporate giants that support Bush?
Damn it all!
None of the excuses we were given are true, so why? We have a right to know...and By God, we are going to know why?
Whatever the answers are, this president and vice president must be impeached and tried for war crimes.
That makes me sick at heart. But if ever there was a reason for impeachment, this is it. Crimes don't get any higher than this. 
What happened to the Washington, D.C. I visited all those years ago?
A child's memories, forever ruined; stained now, by corruption and deceit in the highest offices of the land.
That's just not right....It just is not right!
* "attempt" is used for the simple reason that they did not deceive everyone. There were millions around the world, including here in the U.S.A., who were not deceived. But, unfortunately, we were just a "focus group," according to Bush. Funny thing...we were all right. Why aren't we getting paid the big bucks?


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