Friday, June 10, 2005

FW: [CoR Members] Letter to IRS

Parkles letter to the IRS reagrding The Church of Reality! He is not kidding aorund.

Dear Church of Reality Members,

This is part of my reply to the IRS questions for church status. I'm going to send this off tomorrow. Got kind of imaginitive here. I'm beginning to sound like a preacher. Scary ......


Finally, the bottom line is, this is a church. This is a real religion. It is a religion that is growing. It is a religion that is developing, evolving, and this is a religion that will be a major player in the future. This is a religion that is growing and formed in an environment of 21st century technology.

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I understand that the IRS is concerned about fraud and it is probably true that all fraudulent churches have web sites. But it is also true that all new religions that are real also have web sites. I really doubt that a fraudulent religion would have spent 7 years developing what may well be the most detailed and sophisticated belief systems on the planet.  We are not faking anything here. We are real and we intend to succeed.

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When it comes down to it people have the right to choose to believe whatever they want and believing in reality the way it really is has got to be a legitimate religious choice. We are the religion of reality and we give Realists a religious identity. There are thousands of people who are really excited about this religion and I think it would be a disservice to the concept of religious freedom if our church were denied the same status as other religions. I suspect that we have already been far more scrutinized than most religions and that the Church of Reality should not be held to a higher standard.

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Haven’t you ever wondered about what is really real? Which religion is the right one? Does God really exist? Did we evolve from pond scum? Is there life on other planets? Are we alone in the universe? Did time and space come from an exploding quantum singularity? Why does anything exist? What is time? Is there a relationship between quantum time and energy? What will humanity know 100 years from now? Did we create reality – or did reality create us? The real answers, the way it really is. Reality is in all of us. You can hear it in your mind – feel it in your heart. Reality is everywhere. It surrounds us. It sustains us. The Church of Reality is dedicated to leading people into the great wonderment, to the understanding of understanding. You know that you want to know – don’t you? If you accept reality, reality can change your life! Are you ready to make a commitment to reality today?

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When it comes to religious choices, how can reality not be one of the choices? And when you read the members letters, you know we are a church.

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Like many organizations that have not yet grown we haven’t yet done a lot of the things that the big religions have. We don’t yet own property. We don’t yet have a building. No one has yet died or gotten married. But it is all in the planning and the membership is coming together to make it happen and we will have all the community functions that every other religion has. We have a far stronger and more detailed and more sustainable philosophy than any other religion on the planet. No one has started a church with more forethought and planning that the Church of Reality. We are a strong seed and we ask that we be allowed the same opportunities to grow that are available to all other religions.

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The IRS really has only one real question here. Is the Church of Reality really a church? The answer is – yes – it is!

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First One
Church of Reality


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