Friday, June 17, 2005

FW: Impeachment at the White House doorstep


Impeachment at White House doorstep

Join the tens of thousands on September 24
Who Will Call for Impeachment
Gather at the White House at 12 noon

We're doing it! The banners and signs of were on prominent display yesterday on the doorstep of the White House as Congressman Conyers and hundreds of others rallied outside of the White House to denounce Bush's pattern of lies and deceit. Photos of banners were picked up all over the mass media last night. The tide is turning. Bush is scrambling to "explain" Iraq to a population that is turning against the administration and its lies and criminal conduct. We are going to turn up the heat in the months ahead.

June 16 - John Conyers

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The grassroots movement for impeachment has made itself into a force too powerful to ignore. Yesterday (June 16) Congressman John Conyers held a hearing at the Capitol followed by a rally at the White House demanding the Bush Administration answer the questions raised by the Downing Street Memorandum.

It is hardly news to those who have been working to demand impeachment of Bush and other officials of the administration for High Crimes and Misdemeanors that the administration lied to the people of the United States in their pre-planned and duplicitous rush to war. But for the politicians and media who have tried to ignore the plain reality of this criminal conduct, the truth is becoming unavoidable. The hearing was broadcast coast to coast by Pacifica radio, which also invited a representative from to provide commentary on the impact of the Downing Street Memo as evidence of impeachable offenses.

June 16 - Maxine Waters

The response to the September 24 mobilization in the last few days has been incredible. People in big cities, small towns and every place in between are telling us that they want to be part of and help support this massive demonstration in Washington D.C. It will be the action of the people at the grassroots that will make everything else move forward. This is what led to the eventual expose and resignation of Nixon three decades ago. The people move first, then the elected officials and the media can't help but take notice.

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