Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Summer of Truth is Upon Us

Where the Evil Axis of Deception, Fear and Denial are rampant and causing great harm, as they always will do,  a fearless search for truth must ensue; one which, by its very definition, demands transparency, and demands it such a way that it cannot resist. ....all that is hidden, will be revealed.....
As George W. Bush once said: 'When people are keeping secrets, we think they are hiding something'.... or something like that, in reference to Saddam, of course, but the same can be said for the "Projection" Administration of Bush/Cheney. 
We believe that George W. Bush and Company are hiding quite a lot, and for very good reason, from their perspective. Unlike Clinton, who was hiding the felt shame of a character flaw he would have liked to keep private, not all that unusual among us, human types, the Bush administration, not just Bush, himself, is hiding something much worse; the real betrayal of a nation...with deception on a grand scale and fear-mongering on, at times, a stupid, almost comical scale. ( Duct tape your windows? Oh, and don't forget to crawl under your desk and put notebook paper over your head...Might as well click your heels and repeat over and over...there is no place like home....there is no place like home...)
We believe that a plot began to evolve in the early 90's, not long after the defeat of Bush I. A very specific outline of the plan, which we have watched unfold in the last 4 years, since 9/11, can be found in the PNAC Document. Everyone should read it for themselves, and take careful note of who all signed that document. 
It is as history, pre-written; not unlike Mien Kemp described, in starling detail, much of what would come to be Germany and Europe, after Hitler and the Nazis took over complete power after the Riechstadt fire, which was blamed on the "terrifying Communists, who were in league with the "terrifying Jews, who controlled everything, especially the money, and needed to be terminated.".... and, besides all that, they did not like Hitler's Art and that alone was unforgivable 
The Germans were ripe for the picking,...and they got royally plucked, by Hitler and then by those who came to stop him.  
(Often, when my generation, born toward the end of or right after the war, have thought of the victims of WWII, we think of everyone but the German People. We think first of the Jews.. and others who were rounded up like so many cattle, and either worked to death, tortured or murdered out-right. We think of the French, the Dutch,  the Czechs , the Polish and the lands of others', occupied and terrorized by the Nazis, but we often forget the German people themselves, who were also victims of the Fascist dictatorship which arose out of their failed Democracy. We should be remembering them most of all right now....It would behoove all of us if each of us could sit down with a German, of our own generation and the one before it, and ask some serious questions and hear some serious answers.
The German people and their nation, despite the horror that played out on their soil and as a result of their leadership, all over Europe and around the globe, have evolved, it seems to me. We could learn something very valuable from our German friends right about now.
Most sane people agree that what happened to Japan was horrendous and should never happen to anyone again. Unfortunately there are quite a few who disagree with us on that, and quite a few of them, are in power, right now, right here.)
We KNOW that it is time to demand the demand transparency...and let the chips fall where they may. The alternative is unthinkable, for us. To remain silent now, we believe, is tantamount to complicity in some of the worst crimes that have been committed in recent history, not only against the Iraqis, Arabs and Muslims, in general (and God only knows who else), but against us, the American people.
In all of the research we have done, over the years, we conclude that the events of 9/11 could not have happened the way they did, without inside foreknowledge and quite a bit of active help, from high places. We invite doubters to read David Ray Griffin's books and the 9/11 Commission Report for yourselves; now, don't put it off. Time is of the essence. Scan the 9/11 timelines on the Net, especially the timeline by Paul Thompson, because all of the statements he makes are taken directly from legitimate, mainstream press and media sources...all of the information he presents is documented in the public record; there is no speculation on his part. Read it for yourself, if you have not already. Please don't just take our word for it.
We also invite doubters to read the books of well-known Conservatives and Republicans like John Dean, Richard Clarke, Paul O'Neil and Kevin Phillips, who wrote the "book" on the Bush Dynasty. These men are not wild-eyed liberals...nor are they discontented employees, as we usually think of an employee who gets whiney about his hours or the fact that he was fired for cause. We are talking about men who are concerned for their country.
Also, take into consideration that we have more people lining up to blow whistles than I have ever seen...and many of them are from agencies not really known for their the military and the CIA and the FBI. There are so many of them, I think they may have formed their own support group...and NO, these people are not risking their livelihoods, reputations, and their lives just to "get" Bush. It is asinine to think so.
We know more clearly now than we did in the early autumn of 2002, that our nation was being deceived into a war that could well be illegal and unjust. What we greatly suspected then, can now be proven. There is so much evidence of war crimes in the public domain that, when put together with the "Downing Street Minutes Memo," it all spells out, in clear neon lights; Articles of Impeachment....and more.
The impeachment of Richard Nixon did not begin in the House Judiciary Committee, but in the "Ervin" Senate Select Committee Hearings.
Congressman Conyers is calling for an inquiry to begin in the House Judiciary Committee. He is being roundly ignored, by the media and the Republican majority. He is not alone. He has 88 or 89 others who have signed a letter to Bush, regarding this issue.
The elected Democrats are in the Minority. They have no control over the agenda, of the Legislative bodies; nor, certainly, over the agenda's of the corporate-media.
(I am not a Democrat nor am I a Republican, so I really don't care about party bickering and strategies and grudge matches and testosterone poisoning and pissing contests and all of the rest of the silliness that goes on in our nation's capital. But I do care about this country...and what's more I care about the people of this planet; all of them! I guess if I had to describe my political philosophy in terms of labels, I would have to say, that I am a Libertarian Progressive. Still, I find that these labels, like others with which we are familiar, really are inadequate, anymore; but nothing is more meaningless than Democrat and Republican. I still believe that deep down, most of my generation, who came of age in the 60's and survived Johnson and Nixon, have really never trusted either party, nor government itself, truth be told, actually, I believe, a position that would be greatly favored by our founders.)
I don't intend to run out and join the Democratic Party, but I do intend to stand beside those Representatives and Senators who have had enough...who can no longer countenance what is happening to our country and who see, finally, what we see; that a free people must be a responsible people. How many of us have told our own children, "with more freedom comes more responsibility?"
We had better listen to our own counsel...and hear it, for it is wise counsel.
It is wise counsel for many reasons, not the least of which is the mounting evidence that torture,  physical and psychological and religious, were and are wide-spread, systematic and were authorized from the Oval....or right outside it.
As Human beings we cannot allow this nightmare. We cannot allow war crimes and crimes against humanity to be committed in our names and with our blood and treasure.


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