Monday, August 29, 2005

Aquarian Conspirators' Ramble

We, Aquarian Conspirators, are not Republicans, nor are we Democrats. Not all of us are even American...though most are, at this point, and some are ex-pats, living all over the world 
None of us have ever registered as anything other than Green, Libertarian or Independent.
We came of age in the 60's, and we do not trust either major political party; and we won't...., by God,  until some politicians show us that people are wrong about them.... show some real political courage, born out of deep spirituality and real morals. conviction...values.... that the Rethugs love to yap on about, but do not live out, in any sense of the word. As a matter of fact, they usually live their lives in ways that directly contradict every authentic teaching of Jesus Christ. 
How dare you, Democrats, to allow the evil people, who are now in control of our country, to just run amok in this world, murdering hundreds of thousands, wounding and maiming many more ( both physically and psychology), not to mention the most serious wound you can inflict on some people; that which is delivered by religious terrorism.  
How, in the name of all that is considered sacred, by most religious and spiritual traditions and their adherents, can anyone consider what is happening now, sane, spiritual, moral or courageous? How is it that the truth of compassion, unconditional positive regard and the experienced unconditional love of God, seems to be driving quite a few to such such barbarism, blindness and hardening of the heart?
It is not possible that a real experience of the Divine would cause this horror in the human mind and heart, let alone the hideous behavior we have witnessed in the last half-decade, (not that this is the first time; we have behaved very badly.)
It is impossible! One cannot not have experienced even a nano-second in the presence of the Divine and still really believe in separation.  
It cannot be; because the love of God touches and flows through us in a way that is best for us and for our fellows. The Love of God; the experience of the Divine, would never prompt us to treat our fellows as anything but family.
How can we all just stand by and allow this to happen? According to the perceived rules of the road, we have to be either Atheists or  delusional, Foulwellian/Dobsonian/Robertsonian followers, who care not a whit for those who are not like them... either religiously, racially or politically, or we are rational sorts who are considering the possibility that someone must have put a very bad chemical in the water supply, especially in D.C, but in other places as well. We understand that our country is far from perfect. Our countrymen, past and present, who have been given power, did abuse their power, much to the detriment of the country and its citizens
We are, as a group, as well as individuals, are hard to pigeon-hole, and I would bet that many of our USA countrymen are the same.
We are, to a soul:
Libertarian: We learned, at an impressive age, that government, nor either political party, should ever be trusted at their word. (As Ronnie used to say, trust but verify) . We believe the more we can keep government and corporations out of our lives, the better off we will be.
While we are all moderate to liberal, each and every one, we think that the federal government sucks at compassion and, therefore, social programs. There is a better way. When a person is down on his or her luck, they should not be treated like free-loading trash.
We believe, for the most part, that laws against adult, consensual behavior should be scrubbed from the books. We have heard that the Republican Party is the Daddy Party and that the Democrats are the Mommy Party.
We submit to you, that Americans need to grow the hell up, and tell their "nutso" parent parties to butt out!  They are marching us all through the gates of hell, and it is way past time that it stopped!
We are living in the world's most watched dysfunctional family (nation) since the Osborns hit TV.  Our Leaders are, it seems, every bit as entertaining as the Windsors, but not nearly as charming and much more frightening and, unlike the Windsors, there is a Constitutional Crisis every time one of our less than perfect leaders makes a mistake or misbehaves in a scandalous fashion and, I devoutly hope, when they are caught in a Conspiracy of Deception which took this nation into a war of choice, of aggression.
The U.S. can be compared to the narcissistic/borderline teenager on the block, which will have a tendency to sink into deeper states of psychopathology; for example, sociopathic personality disorder and full-blown socio-pathology. The people known as Americans, are not all afflicted with these specific disorders, but they are all effected by them, because the people who run our country, both elected and unelected, known and unknown, are usually of this type, and these pathologies are usually rewarded by out plastic/fantastic world, because this is a disease that is so rampant in America, it is hard to spot, until one takes a step back and just observes for a bit.
We don't really have a clue who we are as a nation. We have bought an image of the United States of America that was poured into our brains at a very young age and information that is learned then, is the hardest propaganda to put down
We are not saying that there is nothing good about this country. If there wasn't, we would probably not be losing sleep, after a move to New Zealand, or somewhere. But there is good in America. I, personally, have seen it in action, time and time again. I have seen real American compassion, I have seen real courage in America. I have seen ingenuity and perfect strangers pull together in an emergency. We are, compared to the rest of the "Christian World," the most religious nation of them all.
What's more, I know plenty of  clerics and lay people who live out there faith every day, by making life a little more bearable for the poor, the disabled, the sick, those who are in prison and other outcasts of society. There are really far more of them than the Falwells, Robertsons, Dobsons and their ilk , but they get little attention, because they usually don't want any. They aren't loud or preachy. They simply do what they feel led to do and deeply respect the paths of others; as long as a path has a heart, it is valid. 
Many of our founders (not of the country, but of the Aquarian Conspirators) are fairly well versed in just about every major religion and some minor ones as well.
When we came of age, our generation laid out a huge welcome mat for the philosophies of the East; Buddhism, Taoism, many forms of Yoga  and others. Some of us explored the wisdom of the people who are native to America, whose land our, oh so noble, ancestors simply took from them.
We look for the similarities, the common teachings that are found in all religion in one form or the other; from Lao Tzu to Gandhi, we find more similarities than disagreements and most of the disagreements are more about Dogma than the true teachings of all the Masters (both male and female) who have had the clarity, through whatever means, to see mankind's predicament for what it is. This, he or she, attempted to transmit to their people in a form that would have meaning for those people at that particular point in time and space.
Religious scholars, theologians and others whose opinions we value greatly are saying that we are experiencing another Axial Age. The last time we had one of these was around 2,000 years ago, give or take a few hundred years here and there. The astrologist would say that it was during the passage of our planet from Aries to Picses. Each age lasts around 2,000 and several hundred years, depending on whom you ask. Now, we are moving into the Aquarian age. Those who know about such things inform us that the last age was for individualism and that it was a dark and violent age. The New age into which we are now moving, is very interesting, in that one would think, just by its name, that it is a water sign. But it isn't. It is an air sign. It brings with it light; the light of knowledge and is to bring us more information than we could ever process on our own. So we have the Internet and computers, and our God-given bullshit monitors firmly in place.
We are moving from the age of individualism to the age of the group and true community. We were all tribal at one time. We still are in many ways. Anybody watch football?
Mankind is more or less a social animal; that is to say that not all of us are social by choice. Some are, some are not. But in tribes, mankind found that there was some safety in numbers and that shared labor was not so intense and one could still get more done.
Tribes were based on the physical; biology, kinship, marriage and reproduction and even religion, after a time.
The coming groups, the intentional communities and such, will be based more on ideas than biology, more on shared values and problem solving. With every axial age there comes a time of experimentation with something new. We will all find our way through, provided we do not blow ourselves to smitherines, in our ignorance and fear.
While the doom-sayers howl that the flag is falling and the world is all going to end any day now, there is something going on, just below the surface; something which is solid, strong, loving and nurturing. It seems to be the the very ground of our being. It seems somehow familiar. Those of us who are in touch with it, and anyone can be at any point in time and space, have knowledge of it. It is the kind of knowledge that leads relentlessly to  that which Almaas refers to as holy faith. It is more accurately described as a Knowing, with a capital "K."  It is, more often than not, tempered by the fires of doubt." Doubt is only harmful when it is cynical; if it leads one to seek, it is a positive force.
Nevertheless, something powerful is happening; I feel it.


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