Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Is This The Tipping Point, And If So, why do I feel like crap?...

(Just another Aquarian Ramble)
Perhaps, because I have thought so before, only to have my hopes dashed when the "uncommon wisdom" of the American News Media prompted them to focus on such earth-shattering news as the Scott Peterson trial or the Michael Jackson trial or a number of other tabloid stories, about which none of us could do anything, nor was the news all that important to our well-being; instead of focusing like a laser on really earth-shattering revelations; say like that this nation has been deceived into an unjust and illegal war of aggression, during which, horrid acts of torture, abuse and humiliation went on; adding to the war crime of a war of aggression, crimes against humanity; all done in our name, with our resources and with the blood of many.
What's worse, is that the administration's falsehoods led many our troops to believe that they were avenging 9/11. It is much easier to convince a soldier to commit horrid acts if they are convinced their victims, were once the perpetrators of a horrendous attack on his/her own country. But that was never true! It may, well, be now. But it wasn't then.
I guess my jaw has hit the floor in amazement too many times to allow myself any real hope that the Rove leak will be the final crack in the wall, the one that brings the whole thing crashing down. At least not without a huge shove from "We, The People.? 
The one new ray of hope we all have is that, now, the White House Press Corps seems to have reached their collective limit with this White House. It seems that they have been humiliated for the last time. Maybe they really are mad as hell and they just aren't going to take it anymore. If that is true, I am truly grateful. I won't even make any wise-acre remarks about the past 4 to 5 years. I will simple say, "welcome back, folks, to the real world. Now please continue to do your jobs and I will do all in my power to back you up, because you are, after all, asking the questions I want answered. As a citizen of this country, I need to have them answered truthfully because, if this country is still a Representative Democratic Republic, I am responsible for what my government does, unless I dissent in thought, word, and deed. If what we have here is creeping fascism, one party rule, then I am not quite as responsible, but am still commanded by my own conscious to dissent.
Either way, my life, at age 57, will never be the same, and Osama bin Laden did not cause that, because he has no real power to do that. I would be willing to bet that Osama has never heard of the place I call home, at least at the moment, and could probably not care less. Like everyone else, I grieved for the people of NYC, and the victims from all over the world and for their families, but my life was not immediately altered in some fundamental way on 9/11. That has taken time, and the Bush administration.
(Don't get me wrong, I have no love lost for terrorists, of any kind; whether it is Osama bin Laden, or the guy who beats his wife; whether he wears jeans, turbans, or business suits, terrorists commit a crime like no other; they cause people to feel chronic, low-level and/or intense fear. When you do that to another person, knowingly and with intent, it is really an attack on that person's essential self. It is an attack on the human soul. It brings out the very worst in people, and not in a healthy way!
(It is the act of not only an immature human being, but an extremely unenlightened one. Those who follow men and/or women, such as these people, these terrorists,  will surely be led over a cliff, like possessed pigs.)
Because I believe that violence begets violence, I chose a non-violent path many years ago. That, too, needs to be practiced in thought, word and deed. Easier said than done these days, at least, in thought and word.
Someone very wise once said that if you think it, it is the same as having done it. (No, not Jimmy Carter, but he said something like it,  and he was right). Actually the wise fellow I am thinking of was Jesus of Nazareth. 
Why? Because God won't like it?
Well, maybe; I prefer not to get into that discussion at the moment.
My reasons are, on their face, different and quite selfish.
The reason I prefer to "study war no more," as the old song goes, nor allow my mind  to long entertain other certain thoughts, is that those thoughts can lead to extreme feeling states, which can lead to actions I, myself, would find abhorrent, if allowed to take up obsessive amounts of mental energy; but there is another reason, which is very important, it is that the outraged, violent thoughts, first, harm me and the people I love, long before I would ever get to a place where I could commit violence upon another human-being.
Knowing that and living up to it has been difficult in the extreme, at times, the last few seemingly endless years,  at least, in the thought and word department.
That could be another reason I feel like crap.
(note to self; more spiritual practice is needed. This is no time to let up)
Even if this is the tipping point we have all longed for and worked for, it will bring me no joy; not even amusement, really.
Why? Because no matter what happens to Bush and company, as a just reward for their manifold sins, this nation has a very hard road to hoe, ahead of it.
We owe many folks around the world and we owe them more than justice for the Bushites and an apology. We have allowed the Bushites to hideously harm hundreds of thousands lives, in ways that most of us cannot imagine.
Yes, it would be a huge step forward for the people of this nation to come together in the millions and demand that this Congress do its duty to hold this administration accountable. Until that is done, our nation is in real peril and not just from Al Qeada. Our nation cannot move forward as a member in good-standing, of the Global Community. We allowed Bush to flush any credibility we had down the toilet; same can be said of any moral authority. He has made Americans more hated than at any other time in my life.
Not only that, but if the people rise up together for justice and peace, it would be one hell of a lesson, for those citizens of the world who live under tyranny and really want freedom and Democracy, in how a real Democracy works in a crisis; that is if we do, indeed, still have a Democracy and freedom.
Something tells me we are soon going to find out. The thought of that makes me a little queasy
If the United States of America were an individual, it would be in a mental institution by now. We are a sick nation. We don't know what is real anymore. We often mistake slick packaging for reality or, at least, some kind of substance. We believe what we want to believe, even with cold-hard facts staring us in face which prove otherwise. We can fall into such incredible states of denial, it would make a psychiatrist's head spin. 
We have become so accustomed to being lied to, by omission or commission, by everyone from ad agencies to presidents, other elected officials and everyone in-between, that deception is a way of life in America. 
We are addicts, as a nation. Yes, as has been pointed out to anyone who would listen, oil is a huge drug of choice for us, but we are garbage-heads ( a recovering-addict's term for a person who will take anything to get high.) We are pathological consumers, even of resources that we should know are scarce and upon which the world economy, including ours, is dependant, unfortunately, for the foreseeable future. 
Actually, we are pathological consumers of anything that will finally wind up owning us or even killing us.
(By the way, I do not exclude myself from this addiction thing. We live in an addictive culture. 99.9% of us are addicted to something, even if it is only to our own ideas about ourselves and the world around us.)
But, lets face it folks, money is the big one, and the fear of being without it, or losing it drives some of us to do some really twisted things, because not only is money necessary to live and take care of loved ones, but it is also power, which, as they say, corrupts. Power corrupts, even when it is sought in God's name, maybe especially so, because such a claim would come from spiritual pride, or as a teacher of mine once called it, spiritual materialism (a bit of an oxymoron, admittedly.)
The really odd thing is, it is usually the people who have tons of money who seem to be willing to commit the greatest crimes to get more money. Name me one homeless person who has done the damage that was done by the Enron crowd. Go ahead, just one! Name just one of the working poor, who has done such damage to so many, betrayed so many.
No matter what happens now, our lives, all of our lives, are about to change in a big way. They have already been changing. Many just do not want to admit that, yet. No matter, these Queens of Denial will have to, much sooner than they would like.
Then, there is always the horror of horrors, if the Bushites feel really threatened; another "spectacular terrorist attack"...you know, another "Pearl Harbor type incident," might just happen.
Since I wrote the above ramble, Cindy Sheehan has fanned quite a few sparks into flames; the Hope Grows!
And so does the fear!
Courage is not the lack of felt fear; but taking right action in spite of it.


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