Saturday, August 27, 2005

News From Underground: "What's really happening in America"

What's really happening in America"

Hi Mr. Miller,

I heard you on 'TO THE POINT' last week.

It was really refreshing to listen to you debate about the state of today's media.

I am frustrated by the media, democratic party and congressional representatives who refuse to fight this trend of 'Christian Evangelical Conservatism.' I look at what's going on in the beltway and I'm amazed at how out of touch my representatives are with what is happening to the middle class. Let me use myself as an example:

My father attended Yale and got his MBA at Harvard, I got my BA from Lewis & Clark College. I live in Los Angeles working as a Print Broker for a diverse range of companies. My company is about 3 years old so I'm only bringing in about 35k a year. My wife worked at Microsoft for 5 years and had a great benefits package including health and pension benefits. Last year Microsoft fired their admin. staff (my wife) and had them rehired through a temporary agency, Spherion. Now my wife does the exact same thing at Microsoft but she's a Spherion employee. She receives less pay, medical was so bad we had to get our own plan in order to cover our two children and the pension package is a joke. We both have to work so daycare costs 240 each week and medical insurance is 525 a month. 525 we were putting away for retirement. That's 18,000 a year. I'm telling you, we live a modest life no debt, I drive a 92 volvo and my wife has a Saturn which will be paid for in a few months. But we're not getting ahead - the American dream just ain't happening for us. This is what's really happening in America (from my perspective) and where is the Democratic party or my democratic representatives??? I've written letters to Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi, etc., etc. and I get a 'thanks for your letter, we are deeply concerned' response. What does this have to do with your discussion on 'TO THE POINT'? Hell, I dunno, but you were really 'on the money' when you were speaking on 'TO THE POINT' and I related to you. Thanks.

Best wishes,
[name withheld]



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