Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Republican War on Science By Chris Mooney's Review (excerpt)

In this fascinating dissection of the "The Republican War on Science," author Chris Mooney skillfully explores what is behind the GOP attempt to turn a country on the cusp of innovation backwards into the Middle Ages of skepticism about science and evolution. Mooney guides the reader through this unfathomable undertaking that is an organized Republican effort to undo our national heritage of innovation and scientific advancements.

There are really two main forces at work in the Republican right, which has reached its pinnacle of power in the reign of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Tom DeLay. On the one hand, you have the extremist religious "base" that supports Bush no matter what his latest egregious failure or betrayal is. To them, science is an enemy because it, ipso facto, deals with discoveries, research and explanations of life and the world that conflict with literal interpretations of the Bible. Forget about the canard of "Intelligent Design," which is just another Frank Luntz euphemism -- in this case for creationism. The religious right fully endorses the war on science because science is born of human research, and human research inevitably comes into conflict with the fundamentalist interpretation of divine intent.

The second major camp behind Bush's war on science is the corporate world, particularly the depletable natural resources companies who are championed by Dick Cheney. They believe that science gets in the way of their pillaging and plundering the environment for a quick profit. If science proves, as it has, that global warming is accelerating rapidly, then what good is it? It will only lead these companies -- headed by big Republican contributors -- to a short-term reduction in profits. Or so they believe.


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