Sunday, August 28, 2005

Seething father

August 29, 2005

Crawford, Texas: David Clemons seethes when he sees Cindy Sheehan on television, standing among small white crosses in an anti-war encampment named after her dead son.

To Mr. Clemons her protest is a crushing insult to his own son, who was also killed.

"The lady is not honoring her son's sacrifice, because we don't have a draft and he went and signed his name on the dotted line," said Mr Clemons, of Winchester, Tennessee. His son Nathan, 20, was killed by a roadside bomb on June 14. "She'd better not be presenting herself as the voice of all the fallen."

However, Andre Lieurance, a retired naval officer whose son, Victoir, 34, was killed by a bomb the week before last, said he found Ms Sheehan so stirring that he might join her vigil at Camp Casey. "I just want some answers about why we're over there," said Mr Lieurance, also from Tennessee. "I don't even see the purpose any more. It's frustrating, and I'm angry."

We understand this man's anger and frustration. We suggest that it is misdirected. It is the people like this man, for whom we feel the greatest sadness, for only more pointless death can redeem the death's of his son.

No one wants any one they love to die for a lie, but that is what has happened this time.

To honor our men and women who served, were wounded and died in Iraq, the truth should be told. All of it and ASAP.



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