Monday, August 29, 2005

Sermon gives insight on nature of creation

Sermon gives insight on nature of creation
Science offers a clear look at the wonder of God's awesome works

Two sentences in the introduction to last Sunday's sermon by the Rev. Wallace Johnson, pastor of Hickory's First Presbyterian Church, prompted me to think further about the subject. The comment was, "Continuing debate about evolution and creationism is pointless and unnecessary. God is the one who created evolution and has been at work with that process for eons."

There has been much recent debate about this subject: creationism, evolution, intelligent design, etc. What are we to make of all this?

I believe there has been mass confusion about this subject and stonewalling at either end -- the creationist at one end and the so-called evolutionist at the other. And I believe that the standoff is the result in many cases of misunderstanding.

Charles Darwin himself was an Anglican and, in fact, feared that his hypothesis of evolution would result for some in a godless philosophy.

If you start from the premise that God exists, and that God is a giving God, it would follow that everything is his creation, however it came to be. If God chose to bring about creation as we know it today over millions of years (scientists now put the age of Earth at 4.5 billion years) and by a slow process (evolution) or if one believes in spontaneous creation, so be it.

God chose the way he wanted to generate his creation, and as time goes on, scientists continue to learn more and more about how it all happened.

As Christians, we are exhorted to seek the truth, and "the truth shall make you free." So we must be open to the truth, whatever its source, including science. Truth from science sets us free from ignorance in that sphere.

The major obstacle for many religious people is the literal interpretation of the early chapters of Genesis, the six-day scheme of creation that supposedly happened about 4004 B.C.

But until one realizes that these early chapters of Genesis -- 1-11 (up to Abraham, the first person for whom we have historical and archaeological evidence) -- is etiology (explanation of causes by primitive man, albeit in the context of theistic faith), one would never be able to move from a primitive, pre-scientific and unscientific view of reality.

I believe that some religionists and other sincere-thinking people try to force us into a false juxtaposition of either creationism or evolution. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist recently stated that evolution and creationism should be taught side by side in the public schools. Why can't one be a creationist-evolutionist?

God is still God, God is still sovereign; we simply allow our God to be God and do things the way he chooses. And as science progresses, we will learn more about the genesis of things.

However one thinks it all happened, the key question is whether there was and is the Prime Mover, the First Cause, the Intelligent Designer. For me, this question is answered intellectually by common sense, and theologically by faith. In fact, I would be proud if my epitaph read: "I continue to be in awe of God's marvelous creation."

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