Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Theocratic Nightmares and The Coming Apocalypse

I get the decided impression that people, in general, seem to think that the word, "apocalypse," means some kind of horrible, end-time destruction.
It doesn't. It means, "revelation," which means that something is "revealed."
(If one has ears to hear and eyes to see)
Remember "Apocalypse Now," the best film I ever saw about Vietnam? The world did not blow up or end in that film.  But the character's minds were forever changed, if they lived through the venture up river in pursuit of a supposedly insane, loose-cannon by the name of Col. Kurtz, who had more-or-less built his own little Kingdom of misery and barbarism just a few clicks up the river, into Cambodia, in what appeared to be an ancient temple of sorts.
The film never suggested that the world was ending or that Jesus was returning, or any of that: It revealed the insanity of war, in a powerful, captivating, horror-filled way.
That is quite a Revelation, especially for people who have never been in a war.
People will do horrendous things in the name of nationalism, especially when their nation is being occupied by a far superior military force or, it appears, when their nation has been hit with flying bombs and they have been scared witless. Fear turns to anger fast in warriors, and the desire for revenge is acute.
It seems to me,  there are two forces at work here; and they are not what you think...
  • The Theocratic Forces: The Dominionists (USA) or as some have taken to calling them, the Christianists, like their counter-parts in Islam, who have been referred to in the Western Media as Islamisnts. Both of these groups, and the Zionist/Likudite bunch, are the religiously insane of the Abrahamic faiths. I do not profess to understand all of their motives, but I do understand that they are very dangerous because they are all, to some extent, delusional, or the greatest cynics and hypocrites on earth. Neither of these scenarios bodes well for the future of the planet.
On top of that, they are scared... that's right; Scared. (others are just as greedy as their counterparts in the Idol-worshipping corporate world, but that's just another tale of raging hypocrisy.) There is another group we must add to this unpleasant lot; the Moonies...yes, that's right, the Rev. Sun Yung Fool's tribe of zombies and power-seekers. (I know how insane that sounds, but invite the reader to do a little research, as we have....come to your own conclusions) 
  • The second major force in operation at this time (as in many other times, throughout history) is corrupt commerce, in the form of national and multinational corporations in this incarnation, the corporate officers of which grow wealthier by the day, while the salaries and wages of ordinary people slip further and further into the danger of allowing for the financial collapse of families and communities, world-wide, not to mention social infrastructure, upon which many have come to depend, in many countries. Also, this allows for a ruling elite that is not elected, whose influence on government is, more often than not, not known to the general public.
As Mussolini once said: " Fascism is the same thing as corporatism." Ruled by the bottom line; people become unwitting slaves to their own greed and the greed of others, and the lust for power over other people is pathological. 
But even Mussolini could not have imagined what is going on now.
Corrupt government + corrupt commerce + dogmatic, literalist, written-in-stone-religion, with hypocritical thugs at the helm (corrupt temple) = Huge trouble.
People who are convinced that God is on their side have, down through history, been guilty of horrors, perpetrated on their fellow human beings, like none committed for any other reason. That, alone, is the most convincing argument against religion, as we understand it.
Still, people need to believe in a power higher than themselves, it seems. From the latest studies in new fields like Neuro-theology, it is becoming apparent that we are wired for faith, of some kind or the other. Why not? I don't have a problem with that. As a matter of fact, I find that some of the most thrilling news I have ever heard!
It is when one group wants to codify their Belief System (BS), and force it down the throat of another or other groups of people, who do not share their beliefs, that I begin to have a real problem. One of the problems I have with it is that, instead of faith, it shows a great lack thereof.
I am a person of faith. I have no desire to convert anyone to anything. I have no desire to dictate the behavior of adults, as long as it is not physically or psychologically violent (like stalking, threats of violence and death and sexual assault, to name a few), and that it is consensual with other adults.
I do not believe that any government, local, state or federal, should seek to protect us from ourselves, except when it comes to real states of inability to make sound judgments and decisions, due to some kind of short-term crisis or due to the long term effects of some organic, degenerative process, and this should be documented by several learned people, in the appropriate fields of expertise.
The more uniform a culture becomes; the more conformity is demanded, the more its soul dies...it dies to all that is spirit-driven, like art of all kinds, social criticism, humor, music, etc..
Religion seems to lead to a believe that we are all alike. This is in direct contradiction to what we are discovering about our differences.
 More later.................


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