Sunday, August 28, 2005

U.S. shouldn't be opposed to Islamic democracy in Iraq

By Herbert Grover 

08/27/05 "
Capital Times" -- -- One of the impediments to establishing a constitution in Iraq is determining the role that Islam will play. The people of Iraq want Islam to be the official religion of the state and a main source of law in their society. U.S. representatives who are dictating much of the content of the Iraq Constitution want a more secular state organized around Western democratic principles.

Norway has a Lutheran Protestant Christian democracy with a king, England has an Anglican Protestant Christian democracy with a queen, Spain has a Catholic Christian democracy with a king, and Israel has a Jewish democracy with a prime minister. Why can't Iraq have an Islamic democracy?

Evangelicals in America claim we are a Christian democracy and that they possess the sole light, truth and way, based on their interpretation of one of several versions of the Bible. There must be 150 different denominations, sects and branches of Christian worship in America, all having a different take on what is required to be a Christian. Evangelicals, through political engagement at the state and national level, intend to establish rule and law that reflects their version of Christianity. Oh, boy!

Poor George Bush bragged about not reading books at the same time he talked about an American crusade in the Middle East. I bet he had to use his father's influence to get through history class. It's bad enough that our soldiers urinated on the Koran; I suppose Bush will seek to require that the new Iraq Parliament take the oath of office using his preferred version of the Christian Bible.

Bush says Islam is one of the great religions of the world. Our actions explain why the billion or two worldwide followers of Islam feel alienated by the callused disregard Bush displays toward their religious preference.

Tolerance, fellow Americans, tolerance.

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