Friday, September 30, 2005

Al-Qaeda cleric exposed as an MI5 double agent

But it isn't! People are dying every day, as a result of misguided policies, not to mention the out-right criminal, amoral ones. People will be dying for years because of these policies, even if the governments that made these policies were all over-thrown tomorrow.
Depleted Uranium has been used in Iraq, twice now, in 'the Gulf War and now this fiasco.
(Let us not forget that it was also used by the Clinton administration against Milosevic).
People will be dying, and worse, from this invisible nuclear war for generations to come, in Iraq and at home.
Memo to world: Don't trust the clerics of any religion that has violent, in word or deed, sects?
These people advocate violence every day, when they are not committing violence themselves.
It matters not what they call themselves; Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Christian or loyal followers of the tooth fairy.
They are all quite insane.
Never trust a Holy man/woman who is crazier than you are. It is a fool's folly.
Look up the word "fanatic."
The religions themselves are not foolish nor folly; just have become twisted, by some, over the centuries.
Ordinary people, who really live according to their faith are the ones who should be heard now and they should be heard by other ordinary people.
Governments have failed their people and so have the religious authorities!


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