Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bush's new" vision" scares hell out of even Tom Delay

Junior has visions of torching Posse Comitatus, thus allowing the commander-in-chief to send the Green berets, black berets, special forces or who-the- hell-ever every time he see fit to declare a national emergency.
I think old Tom is scared witless that the Rethugs might lose the White House in 2008, because they may not be able to steal another election, by that time. With Posse Comitatus shredded or burned by Der Monkey, a Democrat in The White House could order old Dioxin-head's arrest by the special forces, the first time a strong wind blows through Sugar town, Sugar Shack, or whatever the name of that place is Delay calls home.
Nope, old Tom is certainly not for that!


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