Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lake George

Lake George

Wonkette says that federal bureaucrats angry over the funding cuts for levee projects and related anti-flood programs in New Orleans have come up with a name for the mess down there: Lake George.

And she had email from "a friend at the EPA." If this can be verfied, it will show that the Iraq-related slowdown in federal levee work is directly related to the breach that caused the flooding that has killed at least hundreds. Here's what her federal source reports:

We're naming it Lake George, 'cause it's his frickin fault. Have you seen all that data about the levee projects' funding being cut over the past three years by the Prez, and the funding transferred to Iraq? The levee, as designed, might not have held back the surge from a direct Class 5 hit, but it certainly would not have crumbled on Monday night from saturation and scour erosion following a glancing blow from a Class 3. The failure was in a spot that had just been rebuilt, not yet compacted, not planted, and not armed (hardened with rock/concrete). The project should have been done two years ago, but the federal gov't diverted 80% of the funding to Iraq. Other areas had settled by a few feet from their design specs, and the money to repair them was diverted to Iraq.

The NO paper raised hell about this time and again, to no avail. And who will take the blame for it? The Army Corps, because they're good soldiers and will never contradict the C in C. But Corps has had massive budget cuts across all departments (including wetland regulatory) since Bush took office, and now we've reaped what was sown. It really pisses me off to see the Corps get used by the Administration to shield Bush -- they do great work when they're funded. This was senseless, useless death caused not by nature but by budget decisions.

If this isn't a "high crime" or "misdemeanor," we don't know what is.

LINK; more magical thinking by Junior


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