Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A must Read Article

The WaPo won't come right out and say it, natch, but to me, this is pretty dramatic evidence that what we did made a difference. The Bush plan to destroy Social Security required that they be given free reign to once again define black as white and have carte blanche to control the terminology and tenor of the debate. As with the invasion of Iraq, these criminals can get what they want only by using language and visuals in a giant game of 3-card monte.

But this time they failed. The left hemiblogosphere was relentless in hammering the MSM every time they parroted White House talking points and used misleading or false statistics. Stars like Josh Marshall did important work in holding the feet of every individual Senator and Congressperson to the fire -- if they so much as waffled, we all knew about it, and the feedback loop was very effective in helping Harry Reid keep the Dems in Congress in line.

And as the Rovians are now admitting, those small deflections started an unraveling that is spreading to everything else this cancerous cabal touches. Individually, I am a gnat on the ass of an elephant. Together with a multitude of other pests, we are dragging down their malignant dreams of empire.

I could not agree more. By the time of the 2004 political conventions, one would have to be have been deaf and blind not to see that the Left-of-center-blogs were already a force with which the MCM was going to have to reckon.
One of the things that has always made the left more fun to cover, is that we are fairly unpredictable. So, in spite of the corporate brown-outs and black-outs, the message of the left is being heard more and more. The message of the right is always the same. The repetitiveness is enough to drive a person insane, after awhile. It sometimes seems completely robotic. The talking points change only in how fast they are spoken or how loud.
The MSM is slow to move, but some reporters have been moved, and will be again, because they never really finished their Kool-aid. They still have a spark of a soul.


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