Tuesday, September 27, 2005

You Have To See It To Believe It?

Brown serving as consultant to FEMA

Ousted chief says he should have pushed for federal troops

Apparently not.
Thought the Homeland Security Crony heading up the investigation into the lack of appropriate response to Katrina was just about as low as they could go, but now they have hired Brownie as a private consultant on the very same investigation.
Well, I really cannot say that anything surprises me anymore, but I can still be shocked, thank the Divine. Too become numb to the kind of graft, corruption and numerous other impeachable and criminal offenses, which now occur on an almost daily basis, would be to be dead in spirit; to become a soulless, heartless citizen-bot, just waiting for the undertaker.
Come to think of it I am a little surprised?
Where is the medal?
Maybe that is coming after the whitewash, pun intended, and the huge paycheck we now get to pay to to the order of....., drum roll, please.... , brand new "private consultant, Brownie."
God, grant me the serenity not to blow my brains out!


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