Thursday, October 27, 2005

COVER-UP: The Publisher and Executive Editor of The New York Times Sanctioned a Cover-up in a Criminal Investigation

It should now be painfully obvious that the top leadership of The New York Times sanctioned, and participated in, a scandalous--if not legally liable--cover-up in a federal criminal investigation into how the name of a CIA covert operative was divulged to the press as part of an act of revenge against a Bush Administration critic of the war in Iraq.

Read Full Article Seems to us, the very height of irony that some of the very worst reporting in the run up to war was done by the much-hated-by-the-Right NYT. Now, it becomes fairly obvious that the supposed Bible of the Left is, apparently, caught in a cover-up, which they definitely aided from the moment Judy Miller came to the attention of the special prosecutor.

One must ask one's self, how many people died as a result of Jason Blair's fiction as journalism deception? How many have died as a result of Judy's fiction as journalism deception?

Did anything Jason Blair do while at the Times, probably, interfere with the course and outcome of a presidential election? Did Judy's refusal to testify about the identity of a source, which by then the entire world knew was a bad source who fed Judy a line of crap for months in the run up to war, probably interfere with the course and outcome of an election?

Hard to say for sure about the last "what if." Who knows what would have happened on election night had all voting Americans known about the WHIG and how it was a mechanism designed to play on their worst fears as an attempt to manipulate them into supporting the disaster in Iraq.

But we do know that hundreds of thousands of people are dead, now, that might not have been, had the press, including the NYT, done actual reporting about the deception that was being perpetrated against the People and Congress.

I would like to think that the election would have been so overwhelmingly anti-Liars that the Bushites would not have been allowed to manipulate yet another election; in other words, steal it. But one enver knows these days, does one?


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