Sunday, October 30, 2005

Focus: The week Bush got whacked

The British take on Bush's very bad week, is fairly insightful, though there are a few understandable errors.
The most important thing that Fitzgerald said on Friday was that the investigation is not over
This Grand Jury has been dismissed and for very good reasons. It is an undue burden for citizens to spend years on a Federal Grand Jury, the members of which must sit at least twice a week for the grand salary of $40.00 bucks a week, plus $4.00 for transportation. With today's gasoline prices, it takes more than $4.00 to get out of the driveway.
Another Grand Jury will be seated, as there is always a Grand Jury around to hear evidence when there is new evidence.
There will be, in this case. Fitzgerald is just getting started. He will be prosecuting Libby and more will be revealed. Fitzgerald's major prosecutions all follow a pattern. He rarely has indicted unless the evidence is rock solid, and because the evidence is rock solid, his targets tend to grow in numbers as the investigation continues.
Republicans in Washington, especially those who are seeking re-election, are pleading with Bush to seek new blood for the White House. Of course their idea of a White House shake-up involves sacking Andy Card, who has not been accused of any wrong-doing and whose relationship with Rove have been strained for a very long time. It was Andy Card who lamented the exit of Karen Hughes by saying that she was the only counter-balance to Karl Rove; a situation that Card obviously believed was not a good thing. 
No Republican, I have heard comment, has suggested that Rove be relieved of his duties, even though everyone knows, as well as they know that the sun will rise in the east, that Karl Rove is infamous for just the kind of ruthless attack which was perpetrated on Joe and Valerie Wilson. (It was Rove who was storming around the W.H. obsessed with "getting Wilson" because he said, that Wilson was a Democrat and it was also Rove who supposedly said that wives are fair game.) This reluctance to rid the White House of the other main leaker is largely due to Rove's evil tentacles which reach deeply into Republican fund-raising and the election of Republicans all over the country. No Republican wants to piss Karl off. He may decide they are not Red enough to be elected.
But the question is, can Bush really clean house?
The answer, I believe is, NO. Bush seems to be running out of "Loyalists." How many more people are out there who are either loyal enough to Bush himself, or to the Bush family, who will run the risk of being tagged with treason? How much more is there about the activities of this White House that Bush and Rove would not want exposed to people who are not Bush loyalists?
Bush has allowed himself to be painted into a corner by his own chosen people. Not only that, but what is worse; he was manning one of the paint brushes.


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