Friday, October 14, 2005

Fw: Brit Mothers to Camp at Blair's Place

Be Safe, Strong and Savvy, Ladies, and may the Divine bless you and keep you; bear you up, when you tire and suffer the sting of character assassination by the war and torture lovers.

Following Cindy's Example, Brits to Camp Out at Blair's Place


Downing Street Peace Camp

Tuesday 18 October 3pm - Wednesday 19 October 3pm.


Rose Gentle's son Gordon died in a roadside bombing in Basra on 28th June 2004 - Susan Smith's son Philip was killed in a roadside bombing in Al Amarah on 16th July this year.


Next Tuesday both mothers will camp outside Downing Street to protest at the political decision to deny the families legal aid in their campaign to bring the Prime Minister to book for the Iraq war. The families believe the war to have been fought on the basis of lies and deceit and moreover consider that there was no legal basis for the conflict.


Both Rose and Susan have been inspired by the example of Cindy Sheehan, mother of Casey Sheehan - a US soldier also killed in Iraq. Cindy took her protest to George Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas. Families on each side of the Atlantic will not rest until both George Bush and Tony Blair face them and take responsibility for their actions.


The US President and the British Prime Minister have both refused to meet the bereaved families. Rose and Susan welcome any support.



Stop The War Coalition (UK)

011 44 7939 242229




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