Tuesday, October 18, 2005

FW: Two Tipping Point Actions on Iraq



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Call on Congress to Admit Their Mistake

More and more members of Congress are recognizing that authorizing President Bush to invade Iraq was a mistake.

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Tell the Times to Fire Judith Miller

Her shoddy journalism helped mislead the nation into Iraq; now she's hiding the truth in the Plame investigation. She needs to be fired.

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Activism Opportunity

Call on Congress To Admit Invasion of Iraq Was a Mistake

"I was wrong." These words can be the most difficult for a politician to say. Why haven't our elected representatives joined the American people, who now say in poll after poll that it was a mistake to invade Iraq?

Former House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt, who stunned many when he preemptively supported Mr. Bush's call for a blank check to wage war, this past weekend reportedly admitted that he was wrong and that he was mistaken in authorizing the invasion.

Sign our petition calling on every other member of Congress who voted for the invasion to admit their mistake.

Our elected leaders simply cannot address the blunt truths about the disastrous occupation of Iraq until they speak out publicly, admit they were fed falsehoods, and say they regret giving Mr. Bush the power to invade They do not even have to apologize -- we all now know much more about the campaign of lies and deception that got us into this quagmire.

Click here to ask every member of Congress who authorized the invasion to admit their mistake.

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Make Your Voice Heard

Tell the New York Times to Fire Judith Miller and Apologize to Their Readers

New York Times reporter Judith Miller is deeply involved in the criminal case of who leaked Valerie Plame's identity to the press in order to smear whistleblower Joseph Wilson. Despite the apparent conclusion of her grand jury testimony, she is still refusing to discuss the matter with other reporters -- including her colleagues at the New York Times who are investigating the case.

Click here to send a message to the New York Times.

Miller, of course, was the reporter who shamelessly parroted the Administration's claims about Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction. She relied on uncorroborated and unreliable sources, and her front-page stories helped create the climate of fear under which this administration rushed the nation into war.

Click here to tell the Times to Fire Judith Miller and issue a public apology.

The New York Times needs to dismiss Judith Miller immediately, and come clean with an apology to its readers -- and our nation -- for their abject failure to objectively cover one of the most important stories of our lifetimes.

Click here to send the Times a message.

Please forward this newsletter to your friends, email lists, and bloggers you know to help spread the word about this important campaign!

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Will Easton
ActForChange.com/Working Assets

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