Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fw: We're Pulling Them Apart at the Seams


Dear Dot,

Congressional Republicans in Georgia took $68,217 from Tom DeLay.

Tell Georgia Republicans to Return DeLay's Dirty Money.

On Tuesday, I told you about a petition we've launched telling House Republicans in Georgia to return DeLay's dirty money. Since then, Republicans across the country have faced an avalanche of press, with more than 20 stories in local and national outlets that question their financial ties to the indicted leader they served so loyally for so long.

Tell Georgia House Republicans to Return DeLay's Dirty Money.

This was due in no small part to people like you making a simple demand that House Republicans keep the proceeds of DeLay's pay-for-play politics out of their races.

We need to keep up this momentum. We need more national and local papers to put the press on their elected officials to stand up for the American people...and not their man, Tom DeLay.

I am asking you again to please sign this petition. Every American who adds their name turns the pressure up another notch. Join the tens of thousands of people who told their local House Republicans DeLay's Dirty money must go!

Tell Georgia House Republicans to Return DeLay's Dirty Money.

Look at the heat we're stirring...

Democrats demand return of funds to DeLay (Buffalo News - October 4, 2005)

Democrats: GOP congressmen should return DeLay money (AP - October 5, 2005)

Groups: Return DeLay donations (Cincinnati Post - October 5, 2005)

Capito keeping ARMPAC money (Charleston Gazette - October 5, 2005)

And here in Washington, people were noticing too. The beltway newspaper The Hill ran a headline "Republicans Return DeLay Donations"...

"The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee seized upon the trend yesterday with a targeted e-mail that asks subscribers to write their state GOP delegations and demand that more lawmakers divest themselves of ARMPAC contributions."
The indictment of Tom DeLay is an opening for all of us who want to restore a government that works for the people -- and not just for DeLay's special interest pals. We need to break the chokehold that special interests like Big Oil and Big Insurance companies have on Washington. A Democratic agenda that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil, bring down the cost of health care, and offer every American the chance to live, work, and retire with the dignity they deserve.

We can send a warning to all the rest of the Republicans that America will not stand by while they continue operating on Tom DeLay's influence-peddling status quo.

We can't let up. Add your name and tell your House Republicans to clean up their act and return DeLay's dirty money.

Tell Georgia House Republicans to Return DeLay's Dirty Money.

Thanks for standing up.

John Lapp
Executive Director, DCCC



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