Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I guess it is time....

We seem to have moved toward the political.

The consensus on the mountain top is that it is time; time for truth.

Time for justice.

Time for a great union of humanity; an experience that will be a great revelation to us all.

Living a spiritual life; draws us together...People of faith in and goodwill toward ordinary people just like yourselves, the little ones of God. The true Children of Abraham must come together in acceptance and love.

If we were not so psyched-out by our own doomsayers, fear and hate mongers, war-lovers and, therefore suffering from the worst kind of perversion of the heart, mind and body, we would know that we all have precious gifts for each other.

Extremism is, by its very nature, antithesis to all we really stand for.

The Jesus Christ I know wants me to Love all God's creation, just as he said he loved me. He wants me to honor any real path with a heart.

He said for me to not resist evil; that is not easy....yet, lately, I have understood more clearly.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, this is the curriculum.

We picked one hell of a Semester. That is for damn sure. Many of us were there for Civil Rights, Vietnam, Reagan and and his arms race ( not to mention other abominations on the world stage) Iran/country and all that went with it. It is for damn sure, we really have no choice, do we?

We have to dissent, no matter what that takes, but not violence. At least we have not yet called for violence, and we cannot imagine any circumstances in which we would; possibly self defense. We do, however, call for massive civil-disobedience.

Later, Freedom fighters


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Thursday, October 13, 2005  

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