Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Just when you think the Rethugs can't go any lower...well, they do.

Morality vs Treason

Just when it appeared Republicans had hit a new low, they managed to dig themselves deeper. The talking heads were wielding the shovels on the Sunday talk shows, spinning the outing of an undercover CIA agent as just politics as usual and the resulting investigation as partisan nit-picking.

This from the party that investigated a sitting president for seven years based on rumors they themselves created, then ended up prosecuting his sex life. Then, of course, it wasn't the sex but lying about it that aroused their sensitivities and gave them an excuse for an impeachment hearing. Morality, you know.

Let's see, lying about sex versus seeking revenge on a man who exposed a lie that led to thousands of deaths, revenge which violated some vague -- well, okay, then -- some very specific law having to do with treason.

Surely sane Republicans, assuming some still exist, can appreciate the hypocrisy. But the talking heads weren't appealing to sanity. Desperation has driven them to rousing the fanatics who will believe anything they're told in the name of moral leadership. Treason is such a small thing in the face of God's Will.

After all, Bush's War may have killed tens of thousands of living, breathing humans, but in the meantime, by God, he's saved thousands of stem cells.

If you believe that's a fair trade, vote Republican.


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