Tuesday, October 11, 2005

USNews.com: N and W: Disquieted whistle-blowers (10/11/05)

CHINCOTEAGUE, Va. – The first annual National Security Whistleblowers Conference, held on this tiny resort island, has to be one of the more unusual gatherings of intelligence veterans in recent years. The nearly 20 current or former officials from the FBI, CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, and even the super-secret National Security Agency who make up the core of the conference share an unusual distinction: They are all deeply out of favor with their longtime employers.

It is amazing how people become the things they hate the most. The Republicans raised Commie- hating to a rabid, drooling art-form. The Communist system was a corrupt, oppressive abomination on the earth, according to the Republicans.
Now we are seeing the very worst of Capitalism, again. (God knows this isn't the first time we have seen it.). It is no less corrupt, oppressive nor less of an abomination, especially when it includes a twisted version of a major religion or two. 
There was the the Soviet Union; now we have the Corporate states of America. In their sickest forms, they are equally dangerous to the people.


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