Monday, November 28, 2005

A 21 Century Nuremberg for Bush - Prensa Latina

A 21 Century Nuremberg for Bush
University Chair Julio Muriente
A 21 Century Nuremberg for Bush

San Juan, Nov 28 (Prensa Latina) Three Puerto Rican political analysts have urged the world not to stay passive before US President George W. Bush "war crimes" and called for a "21st Century Nuremberg trial" for "the crimes in Iraq" and the violation of sovereignty of countries, so that he does not remain untouchable.

Puerto Rican former Education Minister Jose Arsenio Torres, from Popular Democratic Party, said that using chemicals against Iraqi civilians and running secret prisons in Europe are strong evidence for the international community┬┤s prosecution case.

University Chair Julio Muriente called it "shameful" that (until now) the international community has remained apathetic faced with the US "scenes of death and human rights violations"

Muriente called to also bring Bush' top cabinet officials, VP Cheney, State Sec. Condoleezza Rice, and Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld, before an international court of justice for "the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians".

"We must set up a 21st Century Nuremberg" stressed Muriente in recalling the trials of Nazi war criminals at the end of WWII in 1945, with support from the US, the UK, France and the Soviet Union.

The pretext of fighting terrorism has put hundreds of innocent people behind bars in secret prisons the US media itself has denounced as torture centers.

He mentioned Puerto Rican Jose "Pucho" Padilla, held at a US military facility and deprived of legal counsel for alleged links to the Taliban, whom the US toppled in Afghanistan in 2001.

Bush declared him an enemy combatant a few months after his arrest for traveling from Pakistan to Chicago, his birth place.

Padilla has been linked by Washington to an alleged terrorist network with plans to produce "dirty bombs" to blast US cities. He has not been tried due to lack of evidence.

Attorney Benny Frankie Cerezo warned that trying Bush for crimes against humanity does not exonerate Iraqi ex President Saddam Hussein, who was a US fabrication to combat Iran.

Torres called to prevent Iraq from becoming another Vietnam where war criminals like ex State Secretary Henry Kissinger justified a barbarian war.

Cerezo, co-founder of the annexationist Nuevo Progresista Party (PNP), warned that it should not happen with Bush and his cohorts as it did with Kissinger and ex President Richard Nixon (1969-1974), who never paid for the impunity of using chemical weapons against Vietnamese civilians.



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