Friday, November 25, 2005

Clueless George Goes To War by Pat Bagley


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Over time, we have gotten many variations on the Curious George theme submitted as potential premiums, but for one reason or another they just haven't made the final cut. "Clueless George Goes to War," however, won us over immediately.

In less than 30 pages, this adult political cartoon book managed to capture, with humor, the essential incompetence of America's boy king (or monkey) and his mentor, "The Man" (Dick Cheney). It's not hard to try and be funny, but it is challenging to actually accomplish the goal. Particularly when it comes to politics and parody.

But Pat Begley, a cartoonist, has achieved the remarkable: a little gem of a book that distills the Bush mis-presidency down to its essence. It's been a long time since we've actually laughed about the ruinous reign of Bushevism, but we did while reading through "Clueless George Goes to War."

Bagley is an award-winning cartoonist from Utah -- the state that gave Bush his biggest margin of victory. His cartoons appear daily in the Salt Lake Tribune and have been published in Time, the Guardian of London, the Los Angeles Times and elsewhere.

We talked to the publisher, and he assured us that there are plenty of pro-democracy voters and advocates in Salt Lake City, the home of "Rocky," the mayor who encouraged his constituents to turn out and protest Bush's war policies.
So, it's perhaps fitting that the reddest of states produced this delightful little cartoon book about "Clueless George" and "The Man."

It makes for perfect holiday reading and a wonderful holiday gift for a progressive near and dear to you.

As the back cover of the book notes, to evildoers everywhere, George says, "Don't monkey with America." Because George and "The Man" are too busy monkeying with the world.

A nice stocking -stuffer, eh?


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