Thursday, November 10, 2005

Do Not Serve in this War

By Mike Whitney

11/10/05 "
ICH " -- -- How does a man justify his service in the US Military?

The documented evidence that has been compiled by the ACLU, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the Red Cross and myriad other eyewitness reports proves beyond a doubt that the United States is deliberately involved in the most heinous acts of prisoner abuse and torture. The regime of torture continues because the military provides a shield that keeps the public from intervening. The military is the facilitator of torture; the "enabler" of torture. Without its support the system would fall apart.

So, how does one continue to serve knowing this?

Soldiers do not swear allegiance to George Bush or the criminal cabal who have seized power through the corrupted electoral system. They have pledged to uphold the Constitution of the United States. At its core the Constitution is a human rights document, setting out in lucid prose the standards for civil liberties, social justice and the rule of law. The rights of man do not change when a Republican president takes office. Soldiers are still required to honor the principles they are sworn to serve.

It is manifestly immoral to serve in the US military.

Just this week, the Vice President, a man who jettisoned his own moral compass years ago, has continued his aggressive campaign to promote the use of torture by the CIA. His despicable behavior has been faithfully recorded in all the major media, much to the chagrin of 79% of the American public who still disapprove of the use of torture "for any reason". The VP's actions prove that the mistreatment of prisoners is not an aberration, but administration policy.

Is this why men continue to serve in the military; to defend the criminal activities of America's corporate elite?

There's not a drop of American blood in Dick Cheney. He is a charter member of a transnational terrorist organization which has hijacked the US military and is using it as their personal security apparatus. (Isn't this the meaning of the New World Order?) Neither the Iraq war nor Cheney's torture gulags serve the interests of American citizens. The sole beneficiaries are the oil giants and Israel.

So, why serve?

This week is the one year anniversary of the massacre in Falluja; the wanton destruction of a civilian city of 300,000. Even now, the UN inspection team and independent reporters are being blocked from entering the city and reporting on the massive damage. Falluja is the site of the world's greatest war crime since the leveling of Grozny, and yet, the western media still remains silent; their complicity with the administration has never been in doubt.

We now have verifiable proof that the US used banned weapons, including incendiary bombs, cluster bombs, and other "unidentified" chemical weapons in the unprovoked siege of Falluja.

Ask yourself this question? Who ordered the use of napalm in Falluja?

Would a low-ranking colonel or a 4 star General jeopardize their career on something as unnecessary to the attack as the use of prohibited weapons? The order to use napalm in Falluja came from the main office at the Pentagon. I believe it was ordered by Donald Rumsfeld himself. If it wasn't; then let him prove it at the Hague.

The decimation of Falluja had no strategic value whatsoever. If anything, the resistance only intensified after the siege. The flattening of the city was purely gratuitous retribution for the killing of 4 American mercenaries.
300,000 Iraqis lost their homes, their neighborhoods, their schools, their livelihoods', their friends, and the only life they've ever known, to atone for the deaths of 4 bloodsucking corporate warriors. At least that puts things in perspective.

Americans have no right to serve in the war in Iraq. There is a higher principle than merely obeying the orders of the commander-in-chief. No one should be asked to kill another man without reason. So far, the administration has not even provided a rationale for the current occupation. The idea of killing a man in his own country to "liberate" him is transparently immoral. Just as it is immoral to serve in any army that deliberately engages in unprovoked aggression, torture, and war crimes.

Put down your weapons and go to jail. Better to lose your freedom than your dignity.

Mike Whitney lives in Washington state. He can be reached at:


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