Thursday, November 10, 2005

'Fog Facts'

You have to learn to look at what they do and ignore what they say. Whatever it is that they’re doing is not a war on terror, because they haven’t caught the terrorists and they haven’t cut down on the terrorists. But what they have done is they’ve managed to break the back of one of the absolute foundations of international law, which is the sovereignty of nations, and broken the back of one of the highest ideals of the 20th Century, established at Nuremberg -- that aggressive war is the mother of all war crimes.

Buzzflash has an interview with the author of Fog Facts.
If we somehow manage to survive this administration (a fairly doubtful assumption, at this point), the analysis of what happened to America on 9/11 and what continued to happen in the days, months and years following 9/11, will fill as many pages as has the analysis of Nazi Germany.
As a matter of fact, Hitler and his gang of psychotic, heartless, twisted, sick thugs will probably be replaced on the front page of history.
However, if the facts of 9/11 are left out of the picture, no analysis will ever ring true to our minds.
9/11 is at ground zero of the cover-up, which has ensnared Libby and threatens the Vice.  
Is is that simple.
It is that devastatingly simple.
If is the truth that will set us free.


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