Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fw: Tell Your House Member to Put an End to Torture


Tell Your House Member to Put an End to Torture

Dear ACLU Activist,

This week the House of Representatives will vote to decide whether it will join the landslide 90-9 vote in the Senate for a McCain amendment to stop government torture and abuse.

With the support of General Colin Powell, and an array of other retired generals and admirals, the Senate voted overwhelmingly to end torture and restore the rule of law. However, the only way that the torture ban can become law is with the support of the House of Representatives. This week will be the House’s first vote ever on ending government torture and abuse.

The ACLU thanks you for your activism in helping to get this issue so far. We urge you to continue your activism by urging the House of Representatives on this one additional vote to help the McCain amendment become law. Click here to send an email to your Member of Congress to support the McCain Amendment.

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit on behalf of eight men subjected to torture and abuse under U.S. policies. Two of the plaintiffs are now in the United States to help our leaders and the public learn from firsthand accounts about the atrocities committed in our name. This story is featured Monday night this week on ABC's "Nightline." Learn more at The plaintiffs and the Rumsfeld lawsuit will also appear in several major newspapers, including the Washington Post, and on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" on Tuesday.


Caroline Fredrickson
ACLU Washington Legislative Office

P.S. Learn more about the ACLU’s lawsuit against Secretary Rumsfeld and the thousands of pages of government documents on torture released under the Freedom of Information Act at

And look for more national news about the clients and the lawsuit on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," in the Washington Post, the Associated Press and other newspapers.


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