Wednesday, November 23, 2005

If It Can Happen to Padilla, It Can Happen to You

Jose Padilla is a United States citizen. He was arrested over three years ago and he was finally indicted today. In the meantime, the government kept him in a Navy brig in South Carolina. They stripped him of all of his constitutional rights. No speedy trial, no access to a lawyer, no evidence presented against him, not even any formal charges.

It would be wise for all of us, especially those of us who openly oppose this illegal, unjust war, to take heed, if we have not already.
Senators and Congress-people, journalists and others have been called un-patriotic for even questioning the Bush administration.
Some administration officials have told people to watch what they say. They have insinuated and, at times, out-right said that anyone who questions them about the war or the Patriot Act are giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
Did you know that you can be executed for aiding and abetting the enemy, even if you are unaware that you are, and had no intention of doing so?
The Bushites like to say that we have the glorious right of dissent and first amendment privileges, as long as we don't mind exercising that right while jammed into a cattle pen, but they also like to point out that we really should watch what we say, because we are aiding, giving comfort to, having an affair with, whatever ...Osama, Zarqawi, or somebody.
See, here is the problem with that kind of thinking:
According to BushCo, Osama hates us for our freedoms, our-lifestyle, his belief that Americans are evil and hate Muslims and that we are all too ego-centered to give a hoot about the Arab world, blah, blah....
So, Junior plays right into his hands by proving him right.
The anti-war crowd is not doing Osama any favors, because we prove that not all Americans are blood-thirsty Muslim Haters who don't give a flip about the Arab world.
Osama and Junior have far more in common with each other than they do with Americans and Arabs who value peace and believe that this war is wrong, in every sense of the word.
Nevertheless, a time may well be coming, when dissent will be seen as treason in a time of war, by law.
Don't think it can't happen here.
It is happening.


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