Thursday, November 10, 2005

More Pressure, Please!

Push for the truth

There's nothing like some pointy headed liberal spouting rule of law, point of order, show me the evidence, and so forth, to make Big Time's blood pressure rise. To wit, Wednesday, the House is expected to vote on HR 505 to call for release of documents from the WHIG (White House Iraq Group), here-to-for withheld from Congressional oversight, and in between pro torture arm twisting events, I'm sure dick will weigh in on this too.

Sponsored by Dennis Kucinich, and 63 co-sponsors, groups like the Backbone Campaign, After Downing Street, and members of The Progressive Caucus of the CA Dem Party are trying to get votes for passage, or at least more co-sponsors to ratchet up the pressure on bushco.

Congressman Smith of WA has an editorial laying out the case, and while there are some questionable holes in his logic, this part rings true,

...We need to know how they got that information -- which we now know to be false -- and whether they deliberately misrepresented the facts. The administration and its supporters often have dismissed the need for an investigation by arguing that everybody thought Saddam had WMD. They seem to mistakenly believe that this assertion makes it irrelevant whether the administration lied.
The FBI is, apparently, spending most of its time spying on us, while the W.H.I.G. is stonewalling us.
Keep pressure on and building!


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