Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More White House Attacks on Truth-tellers and Critics

"Were We Misled Before the War?" That was the question on the AOL Welcome Screen on Monday night. The White House seems to be losing its lid over the fact that public opinion has turned against Bush on the war and on his credibility. As I noted yesterday, it is quite troubling for the White House to see a president who won reelection a year ago now be described by 57 percent as a commander in chief who "deliberately misled" the nation into war.

This has sent the White House into frenzied campaign mode--with oppo researchers churning out talking points that are zapped around to political and ideological colleagues and even posted on the White House website. Usually, the production and dissemination of such material is left to the hacks at party headquarters. But this week, the White House has resorted to putting up attack-reports on its site. Is this how tax dollars should be spent? (In fact, I have long wondered how the White House justified posting Bush's campaign speeches on the White House site. Was this a use of public funds for campaign purposes?)

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